UW Health | Carbone Cancer Center: Patient Guide

It is an honor to care for you. The UW Health | Carbone Cancer Center is Wisconsin's only comprehensive cancer center as designated by the National Cancer Institute. This recognition reflects our commitment to quality, safety and a patient and family-centered approach to care.


We're honored to care for you

To help you feel comfortable during your stay, we invite you to learn about our facility and the services we offer.

Your care is our main focus. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best possible care for you and your family members as you are dealing with cancer. Our cancer specialists will work with you to develop your own individual plan of care.

If something needs attention, please tell us — we want to give you the best possible care and experience.

How to get an appointment

Staffed by skilled oncology nurses and health educators, Cancer Connect offers information about services available through the UW Health | Carbone Cancer Center, including how to get an appointment, clinical trials and support services.

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Research studies and clinical trials

Research is an important part of our mission. If you are interested in learning about our research or seeing if you are eligible to participate in a groundbreaking research study to find new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer, talk with your healthcare team.

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About your visit

How to prepare and what to expect

For your first appointment at our clinic

If your appointment is located at 600 Highland Ave, please check in at the Cancer and Hematology Clinics. The registration desk is located on the second floor near the Atrium elevators.

Please check in at least 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. The registration staff will verify information, including your address and the name of your insurer(s) and then direct you to the appropriate waiting area.

If you have brought medical records with you, please give them to the nursing staff. The staff will prepare you for your examination. If at any time during your visit you feel ill, please let a staff member know.

If you are traveling from far away, you may want to pack an overnight bag in case you are asked to return to the clinics for further evaluation on the following day. This happens infrequently.

If you belong to an HMO, please obtain a referral prior to your visit.

Please bring the following, unless they have been sent in advance:

  • Medical records

  • X-rays or imaging CD

  • Pathology slides

  • Letters from your physician

  • Any other materials your physician has regarding your case or treatment

  • List of all your medications

If you have brought medical records with you, please give them to the nursing staff. The staff will prepare you for your examination. If at any time during your visit you feel ill, please let a staff member know.

The length of your appointment will vary between 30 minutes to a full day depending on the number of specialists you see and the services provided. All appointments vary due to the individual needs of the patient.

University Hospital Exterior
Parking and visitor information
The UW Health | Carbone Cancer Center is located within University Hospital. Find out where to park, dining options, hospital amenities and more.

After your first appointment

After you see your doctor(s), you will be given:

  • Prescriptions

  • Follow-up appointments

  • Orders for laboratory work (blood or urine tests)

  • Imaging appointments (X-rays, CT scans, MRI, etc.)

You will be directed to a scheduling station to make your return appointments.

Follow up visits may be scheduled at the end of your clinic visit. If you wish to change, cancel or make an appointment, please call the clinic at (608) 265-1700 or (800) 323-8942. If you need to be seen on an urgent basis you should call the clinic and select the option of speaking to a nurse who will assess your needs and arrange for appropriate care.

You can fill your prescriptions with the Cancer Clinics pharmacist. Our pharmacist is familiar with the medications our physicians prescribe and will have these medications on hand. This pharmacy is affiliated with the other UW Hospital and Clinics pharmacies and accepts most prescription plans.

It is important to be aware of your prescription renewal times. Before you run out of prescription refills, you can renew your prescription by one of two methods:

  • Ask your doctor during your already scheduled appointment.

  • Telephone your pharmacy, which will contact your doctor for you.

Please contact your pharmacy at least 48 hours in advance of needing the medication. For pre-approved refills (as noted on your prescription bottle) at UW Health pharmacies, you may order online at uwhealth.org/rx or call the Cancer Clinics Pharmacy at (608) 263-7025. For prescriptions that need to be mailed, please allow 4-5 business days for delivery.

Being admitted to the hospital

Occasionally, people seen at the Cancer Center may require hospitalization on the day they visit the clinic. If you need to stay in the hospital, we will help with getting you admitted. The admission process will be described to you and financial advisors can answer any questions about your insurance coverage.

Appointments at our radiation oncology clinics

The Radiation Oncology Department is located in the B (basement) level.

When you enter the hospital on the second floor, follow the stone path on the floor (Main Street) to the north end of the building until you reach the K module (Letter K). Take the double set of elevators to the first level. Cross the lobby and follow the hallway to the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research elevators. Take the elevator down to the B level. Turn right out of the elevators to enter Radiation Oncology.

Please check in at the Radiation reception area to notify us of your arrival. The receptionist will verify information, including your address and your insurer(s) information and then direct you to the appropriate waiting area.

Learn more about our radiation oncology program

Hospital stays within our inpatient unit

Finding the B6/6 inpatient unit: From the hospital entrance, walk through the circular doors to the Information Desk. From there, follow the signs to the B elevators and take them to the sixth floor.

Neutropenic precautions

Chemotherapy, radiation therapy or your disease may cause neutropenia (low white blood cell count), in which there is an increased risk for you to develop an infection. For your safety, your hospital environment will be modified for your protection. A sign is posted outside your room to advise caregivers, families and friends of certain restrictions:

  • All caregivers must wash their hands and wear gloves before entering your room.

  • All visitors must wash their hands before entering and upon leaving your room and should try to limit the number of items brought into your room.

  • You will not be allowed foods that may contain bacteria. These are fresh fruits, vegetables and black pepper. You may need to make adjustments in your diet when you are neutropenic.

  • Family and friends should not visit if they have infections such as a cold, flu or chicken pox or if they have been recently exposed to those with the aforementioned illnesses.

  • Do not smoke and avoid people who do.

  • You will not be allowed to receive gifts of fresh flowers or fruit baskets. Artificial flower arrangements are permissible but cannot have dried moss or dried flowers as part of the arrangement.

  • Due to the nature of your condition, you will be monitored frequently by members of your health care team.

  • You will be required to wear a mask outside of your room. You will be instructed by your caregivers about the proper technique to wear a mask.

  • Other restrictions may be instituted during your stay that may be unique to your special circumstances.


Supportive services for you and your family

Understanding chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is the name of a group of drugs that destroy cancer cells.

Learn more

Hear from UW Carbone Cancer Center patients who have been through the experience of receiving chemotherapy, and hear our doctors and providers describe the process.

What it is like to get chemotherapy

For patients who have a central line, it may be possible to disconnect certain chemotherapy infusions at home.

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Additional resources for patients

We offer biobanking, which is the process by which tissue samples are collected from patient donors for research purposes.

Learn more

During your treatment, it can be difficult to find the services and products that you want and need.

CareWear offers products for women who have had mastectomy, lumpectomy, or breast reconstructive surgery. Please call CareWear at (608) 262-2609 with questions or requests for appointments at any of our locations.

Additionally, we offer high-quality wigs, turbans and scarves at no charge for patients who are receiving treatment and experiencing hair loss due to treatment for cancer or other illnesses. Call (608) 265-0090 for more information.

Our genetic counselors can help you assess your personal risk. They also provide helpful information to people making decisions about cancer treatment and follow-up care.

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Our cancer psychologists, social workers and chaplains are here to help you during your cancer treatments and beyond.

UW Health offers integrative medicine services specifically for our cancer patients.

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A healthy diet can help you manage symptoms of cancer and cancer treatment. Our dietitians offer individualized nutrition plans for you and your family.

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When you are dealing with a serious or life-threatening condition, the palliative care team at UW Health provides care for you and your family. Our job is to work with you and your other doctors and nurses to ensure you receive the best care possible.

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UW Health Smoking Cessation staff are trained experts in the field of smoking cessation and have led the development of the United States public health service clinical practice guideline for quitting smoking.

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UW Health organizes or helps to facilitate a number of support groups to help our patients and their families and friends learn the best ways to meet their health challenges.

Find a support group

If you are having sexual concerns, we invite you to connect with our Women's Integrative Sexual Health (WISH) program. It provides individual clinical consultation, resources, education, emotional support and appropriate referrals related to sexual health concerns for women with cancer.

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Billing and records

Understanding your bill, making a financial plan and requesting medical records

UW Health will review your health insurance coverage, including any insurance requirements for preauthorization or notification, and submit claims to your health insurance on your behalf. You will be required to pay known financial liabilities (copays, deductibles) before or at the time of service. After your insurance company has processed the claim and paid its portion, you will be responsible for any remaining balance.

If you have questions about your health insurance coverage, your visit, or would like to discuss payment options or financial assistance, please call (877) 565-0505 to speak with a financial counselor. The hospital and its associated clinics and our physician group have separate billing regulatory requirements. Your bill will list professional services and hospital/clinic services separately.

Depending on your insurance plan, you may be subject to different out-of-pocket costs when treated at a provider-based clinic. Some insurers pay hospital/clinic charges differently than professional charges. Please review your benefits handbook.

Medical bills from an unexpected accident, illness or hospitalization can cause financial stress. If you find yourself without a plan to pay medical expenses, our financial counselors will help you understand and manage your UW Health bills.

We can assist you with setting up payment plans, providing estimated costs for upcoming services, exploring other coverage options such as governmental programs or plans on the Healthcare Marketplace and if applicable, applying for UW Health’s Financial Assistance Program. For more information, visit UW Health Billing and Insurance, ask to speak to one of our on-site financial counselors during your hospital stay or call us at (877) 565-0505.

Our financial counselors are happy to answer your questions. Feel free to call (877) 565-0505, write or visit. If you send written correspondence, please include the account number shown on your billing statement.

UW Health Patient Business Services
7974 UW Health Court
Middleton, WI 53562

600 Highland Ave, H6/220
2nd floor (Main Street)
Madison, WI 53792

You may request copies of your UW Health medical records, radiology images and pathology reports and slides.

UW Health is committed to safeguarding your identity

UW Health’s account representatives may contact you if we need more information about past or future healthcare services. We might ask for your personal information (name, date of birth, Social Security number), insurance information, financial information, etc. If you have concerns about giving this information over the phone, and you want to verify that you’re speaking with a UW Health representative, you may ask for a call-back number.

A patient being helped at a UW Health security desk

Understanding your rights and responsibilities

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality and safest possible care during your stay. Our patients will receive care and treatment without discrimination or being treated differently based on age, ancestry, color, creed, disability, filing of a prior civil rights complaint, gender, gender identity or expression, marital status, military status or protected veteran status, national origin, newborn status, parental or familial status, political affiliation, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, source of payment, or any other characteristic protected by local, state, or federal ordinance, law or regulation.

Learn about

  • Access to care and treatment without discrimination

  • Respect for your dignity and privacy

  • Information you can understand

  • Participation in decisions about your care

  • Care that supports you and your family

  • Access to your billing and medical records

You can help us provide you with the best possible care by following these responsibilities:

  • Follow hospital rules and regulations

  • Respect the rights of other patients, families, visitors and staff

  • Provide accurate and complete information to your medical team about your health and health care

  • Ask for more information if you do not understand your illness or treatment

  • Work actively with your caregivers to implement your treatment plan

  • Treat healthcare providers, employees and other patients with respect

  • Our Patient Relations staff can help you understand our organizational policies. Complete list of your rights and responsibilities as a patient

About us

How care at UW Health | Carbone Cancer Center is different

Our faculty physicians provide high-quality patient care and often conduct leading-edge research to improve medical care. They also serve as teachers and mentors for medical students and residents to train the next generation of doctors.

Groundbreaking research with a worldwide impact

Accreditation and certification programs

The Carbone Cancer Center is part of a variety of accreditation and certification programs that ensure our program meets and exceeds the national guidelines for care.

The National Cancer Institute-designated cancer centers are recognized for their scientific leadership, resources, and the depth and breadth of their research in basic, clinical, and/or population science.

National Cancer Institute cancer centers

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®), a not-for-profit alliance of the world's leading cancer centers, is dedicated to improving the quality and effectiveness of care provided to patients with cancer.

National Comprehensive Cancer Network

The Commission on Cancer is a consortium of professional organizations dedicated to improving survival and quality of life for cancer patients through standard setting, which promotes cancer prevention, research, education, and monitoring of comprehensive quality care.

Commission on Cancer

The National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers represents a consortium of national, professional organizations dedicated to the quality of care of patients with diseases of the breast.

National Accreditation Program for Cancer

The Accreditation Program for Excellence® supports quality improvement in radiation therapy practices. Facilities that obtain practice accreditation demonstrate the systems, personnel, policies and procedures needed to meet standards for high-quality patient care.

Accreditation Program for Excellence

The Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium creates a unique team-research culture to drive science rapidly from ideas to treatment-changing paradigms. Within this innovative environment, today’s research leaders collaborate with and mentor the research leaders of tomorrow with the unified goal of improving the lives of all patients with cancer.

Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium

UW Carbone Cancer Center is a member of OncLive, which provides oncology professionals with the resources and information they need to provide the best patient care.


Let us hear from you

We welcome and value your feedback

If you have any compliments or concerns about your care or safety as a patient of UW Health, we encourage you to talk with your doctors and nurses.

Patient and family advisor partnership program: Partners in care

Our patients and their families offer a unique perspective and first-hand expertise on their experiences as a patient at UW Health. Learn more about the program

Your voice matters

UW Health’s goal is to provide high quality, compassionate care. Your feedback can help us meet that goal. You may receive a survey after being discharged from the hospital. Please consider completing the survey to let us know what we are doing well and how we can improve. Your input and thoughtful suggestions are very important to us. Thank you for allowing us to be involved in your care.