Welcome to UW Health SwedishAmerican Hospital

We are committed to quality, safety and a patient- and family-centered approach to care. To help you feel comfortable during your stay, it’s important that you learn about our facility and are aware of services we offer. If something needs attention, please tell us. We want to give you the best possible care and experience.


Our current visitor policy

Due to COVID-19, visitors must wear masks and will be screened upon entering. The maximum number of visitors is:

  • Adult inpatients – one visitor

  • Labor and delivery inpatients (mothers giving birth) – one visitor

  • Pediatric/NICU inpatients – two visitors

  • Adult outpatients – one visitor

  • Pediatric outpatients – two visitors

Getting started

Preparing for your visit

Your hospital room

We are proud to provide a clean and comfortable environment that supports your health and recovery. Every surface in your room has been thoroughly cleaned with a hospital-grade disinfectant. We’ve inspected your room to make sure there are no germs on any surface. If we can make you more comfortable, please talk with your nurse or call us directly:

  • If your room needs cleaning, call (779) 696-4100.

  • If your room is too hot or cold or a feature of your room (television, bed, lights, etc.) does not work properly, call (779) 696-4050.

How to reach us by phone

The main phone number at UW Health SwedishAmerican Hospital is (779) 696-4400. Simply say the name of the person or department you want and the auto attendant will forward your call. For additional assistance, contact the Guest Relations department at (779) 696-3898 or send an email to patientfeedback@swedishamerican.org.

Your care team

Your healthcare team partners with you to achieve the best possible outcome for your care. We want you to feel informed and cared for during your stay. If you have questions about the roles of your care team, or wonder why certain medicines, tests or therapies are being ordered, please ask us.

During your stay

Creating a caring and safe environment

Getting around the hospital

UW Health SwedishAmerican Hospital consists of two main sections. To navigate between the two sections, use the first or second floor. You can enter using any of the four entrances listed below:

  • Main entrance at 1401 East State Street, 3rd floor

  • Heart Hospital entrance at 1340 Charles Street, 1st floor

  • East Garden entrance at 1401 East State Street, 1st floor

  • Emergency Department at 1401 East State Street, 2nd floor

If longer walks are a challenge and you need help getting around the hospital, our guest relations cart drivers can take you where you need to go. These drivers are located at the State Street and Charles Street entrances.

Services to support your healing

There are several programs and services designed to help you and your family understand your illness and its physical, emotional and spiritual effects.

Our case management nurses and care coordinators will help plan and coordinate the appropriate services you need to improve or maintain your health. They help link you to the necessary services and resources you need to get well and stay well. To request assistance, speak with your primary care physician or contact our Case Management department at (779) 696-4175.

We are committed to providing appropriate interpreters or auxiliary aides, at no cost to the patient and or family. To accommodate the special needs of patients with limited English skills or those who are hearing-impaired, please call (779) 696-3795.

Holistic health services We believe there are many paths to healing and that health is truly a balance of mind, body, spirit and science. That is why we offer healing therapies to complement the curing aspects of hospital care. For more information, contact Holistic Health Services at (779) 696-2235. FREE holistic services you may choose to receive:

  • Massage therapy

  • Music therapy

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Animal assisted therapy

  • Acupressure

  • Energy work/healing touch

  • Guided imagery

Since many of our patients miss their canine companions, a visit by a tail-wagging therapy dog can bring a more home-like atmosphere to a hospital room. We are proud to offer Caring Canines services, provided by specially trained dogs and their handlers in individual and group settings. Research has shown that a visit from a specially trained therapy dog and handler can reduce stress and pain levels, lower blood pressure and result in shorter hospital stays for many patients.

Palliative care is supportive care that seeks to provide quality of life by relieving the pain and symptoms associated with serious illness. It also helps patients achieve full potential, regardless of prognosis. A team of experts works closely with your primary care doctor to provide customized care. Medicare, Medicaid and many private insurance plans cover the services provided by palliative care, according to the contract provisions of the patient’s policy. If palliative care may be appropriate for you or your loved one, please talk to your nurse or caregiver.

Our chaplains are available 24 hours a day and provide a supportive, caring presence while you are hospitalized. We respect the spiritual beliefs and needs of everyone. To request a personal visit, please call (779) 696-4620.

Every day, we treat illnesses caused by smoking and tobacco. For the well-being of our patients and families, smoking, smokeless tobacco and the use of mechanical or electronic cigarettes are not allowed. This includes buildings, grounds and parking areas.

UW Health SwedishAmerican Hospital follows the law of the State of Illinois and does not permit firearms or other weapons in any of its buildings. Please leave firearms or weapons in your vehicle during your visit.

Billing and records

Understanding your bill, making a financial plan and requesting medical records

Understanding your bills

We try to make the billing process as simple as possible. We accept cash, personal or cashier’s checks, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Paying your bill

UW Health SwedishAmerican Hospital has several options for patients seeking to pay their bills:

  • Pay by phone: (779) 696-7150

  • Pay by mail: use the address on your billing statement

  • Pay in person:

    • Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
      2550 Charles St., Rockford, IL 61108

Payment guidelines

Payment in full of the account balance is due 21 days after receiving your first bill. Payment plans may be arranged if you cannot pay in full. Arrangements longer than six months may require submission of a financial assistance application for consideration.

What if I don’t have insurance?

Patient Financial Services can help you find out if you are eligible for Medicaid and other government programs. The financial assistance program can help people who are unable to pay. Please call (779) 696-7150 for more information.

Insurance coverage

To determine in-network coverage under your insurance plan, please consult the provider directory given to you by your insurance company, check your insurance company’s website or call your insurance company’s customer service department. Precertification/prior authorization for services It is important for you to know if your insurance requires prior authorization or precertification for services received at UW Health SwedishAmerican Hospital. Prior authorization is not a guarantee of payment. Check with your insurance company if you have questions about prior authorization or precertification requirements.

Requesting medical records

You can request copies of your medical records at:

Medical Records
1401 E. State Street
Rockford, IL 61104
Ph: (779) 696-4540
Fax: (779) 696-4078

Let us hear from you

Your voice matters

Our goal is to provide high quality and compassionate care. Your feedback can help us meet that goal. You may receive a survey in the mail after being discharged from the hospital.

We want to know when our team has done well and when we have an opportunity to do better. You can discuss your concerns directly with hospital staff or contact our Guest Relations team. Simply send an e-mail to patientfeedback@swedishamerican.org or call us at (779) 696-3898.

If you've contacted us and do not believe your concerns have been adequately addressed, you may report concerns directly to the Illinois Department of Public Health by calling (800) 252-4343 or to The Joint Commission at (800) 994-6610 between 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.