We're honored to care for you

To help you feel comfortable during your stay, we invite you to learn about our facility and the services we offer.

This guide will help you become familiar with American Family Children’s Hospital, as well as services at University Hospital, which is connected to the children’s hospital. If something needs attention, please tell us — we want to give you and your child the best possible care and experience.


For the latest updates on visitor policies and hours, please view the patient and visitor guidelines.

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Visitor guidelines
For details about our visitor guidelines including policies on the number of visitors and hours, please review our Patient and visitor guidelines.
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How care at American Family Children's Hospital and UW Health is different

Our faculty physicians provide high-quality patient care and often conduct leading-edge research to improve medical care. They also serve as teachers and mentors for medical students and residents to train the next generation of doctors.

A physician listening to a child's lungs and heart with a stethoscope
Research studies and clinical trials

Research is an important part of our mission. If you are interested in learning about our research or seeing if your child might be eligible to participate in a groundbreaking research study to find new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat illness, talk with your healthcare team.

Preparing for your visit

What to bring and parking information

To help your child feel more at ease in the hospital, you are welcome to bring personal
items such as pajamas, slippers, comfortable clothing, blanket, toy, stuffed animal, photos of family and friends and school assignments.

  • Be sure each personal item is clearly labeled with your child’s name.

  • Cell phones, personal computers and other electronic devices are considered valuables
    and are the responsibility of the owner.

  • Avoid placing personal items on a meal tray, under a pillow, on the sheets, in a robe pocket or in any concealed place where they may be lost or accidentally thrown out.

  • Plug-in radios, fans, heating pads, extension cords and essential oil burners can be
    hazardous and are not permitted in the hospital.

  • Please ask your Health Unit Coordinator (HUC) for a DVD player or your Child Life Specialist for a list of gaming systems that are available for use in your child’s room.

Lost items: While we certainly try to return lost items to their owners, UW Health is not responsible for your or your visitors’ personal belongings. To file a lost items report, please talk to your nurse.

Families of inpatients receive two parking passes upon admission that allow unlimited free
self-parking in the American Family Children’s Hospital parking ramp. To obtain your parking passes, take the Primary Support Visitor ID Badge you received at Security to the University of Wisconsin Parking Office located near the elevators on the E level of the children’s hospital parking ramp. Passes are valid for one week and can be renewed at the parking office. After-hours parking validation for primary support visitors can be obtained at Security, if needed.

Other Visitors
Other visitors are required to pay $2 per hour for parking ($15 maximum per day). Cash,
MasterCard or Visa are accepted at the pay stations located near the elevators on levels E
and P of the American Family Children’s Hospital parking ramp. Credit card payment at the gate when exiting is also accepted.

RVs can park for free in UW Lot 131 located on University Bay Drive. Electricity is provided. To obtain an RV pass, please contact Guest Services at University Hospital, located just inside the University Hospital entrance on the 2nd Floor, or call (608) 263-0315.

More information is available on MyChart Bedside “Security and Parking Information.”

Safety and security

Accurate identification helps provide a safe environment

A medical provider scanning a pediatric patient's wristband in a hospital room

This includes:

Your child must wear an identification bracelet at all times in the hospital. The ID bracelet is an essential part of ensuring your child’s personal safety and will be used to verify correct medications, blood draws and any tests or procedures.

You’ll be asked your child’s name and birth date at the beginning of each conversation or treatment. This may seem repetitive at times, but it helps to ensure your child receives the correct care.

All American Family Children’s Hospital/UW Health employees wear identification badges so you can easily identify their role.

All visitors, including parents/primary support visitors, will be given a visitor ID badge to be worn chest high and visible.

We want to make sure you understand what is being planned for your child’s care. If we use language you do not understand, please ask questions.

Medical interpreters are available to help you communicate with hospital and clinic staff if you are limited English speaking, deaf or hearing-impaired. Ask your child’s nurse for assistance.

Preventing and managing pain can help your child get well faster, enjoy greater comfort and improve the results of their care. If your child is experiencing pain, please talk with your doctor or nurse about the treatment options.

If your child is uncomfortable from lying in a hospital bed, your nurse can help your child change position and bring extra pillows. A warm blanket, hot or cold packs or other options may help your child’s comfort level. Ask your nurse what may be included in your child’s care.

You may be the first to notice a change in your child’s condition. Please tell nursing staff if you notice a change in your child’s condition, such as breathing rate or breathing problems, blood pressure or heart rate, pain, weakness, problems speaking, new or increased confusion, inability to awaken or any other changes that concern you.

More information is available on MyChart Bedside “Controlling Your Child’s Pain.”

Additional information

Smoking, smokeless tobacco and the use of mechanical or electronic cigarettes are not allowed. This includes buildings, grounds and parking areas.

UW Health does not permit firearms or other weapons in any of its buildings. Please leave
firearms or weapons in your locked vehicle during your visit. Patients who bring a weapon into a UW Health building will be advised that their care might be delayed until the weapon has been removed from the building and secured.

Uniformed security officers are around the hospital and grounds to help provide a safe environment. You can take an active role and reduce opportunities for crime:

  • Do not allow anyone to take your child anywhere without your approval and your child’s nurse knowing about it.

  • Do not allow other people to follow you into the inpatient units. If someone follows you in, please let a staff member know immediately.

  • Be aware of your surroundings, secure your belongings and report suspicious persons and activities to Security, located on the children’s hospital 1st Floor, or call (608) 890-6211.

Meet our team

Your child's care team and their roles

Our health care team members partner with you to achieve the best possible outcome for your child’s care. We want you to feel informed and cared for during your child’s stay.

If you have questions about the roles of your child’s care team or wonder why certain medicines, tests or therapies are being ordered, please ask us. Because we are a teaching hospital, different care team members might ask you to answer many of the same questions. The information you provide about your child is essential in helping us provide the best and safest care for your child, and we thank you for your patience.

More information is available on MyChart Bedside “Introducing Your Child’s Team Members” and “Introducing Your Child’s Primary Nurse.”

A female physician using a stethoscope on a little girl lying in a hospital bed

Core members of your child’s care team

As the primary support visitor, you know your child the best and are an important advocate.

The needs of our patients come first, and the information that patients of any age provide directly to us is important.

Your primary nurse or nurse for the day is your child’s main caregiver and your “go-to” person.

Work alongside your nurse to care for your child.

Attending doctors/faculty physicians or hospitalists oversee your child’s care and provide direction on the treatment plan with input from other care team members.

Have finished the residency stage of medical training and are now learning about a specific area of interest. The Fellow Doctor sometimes leads rounds and helps teach the Resident Doctors.

Resident doctors are licensed medical doctors who are now learning more about caring for sick children. A Resident is often the first doctor to see your child and is supervised by the Attending Doctor.

Pediatric nurse practitioners can diagnose and treat acute illnesses, as well as prescribe medications.

Other care team members may include:

Health Unit Coordinators (HUCs) assist with communication between you and your child’s healthcare team.

Nurse case managers work with your child’s healthcare team to develop a discharge plan
of care and arrange for home care, medical equipment or therapies outside of the hospital.

Social workers provide support to help you with the stresses associated with sudden and chronic illnesses and their impact on everyday life, and can identify helpful resources.

Pharmacists review your child’s medications, as well as provide medication safety checks and education on how to use medications and their possible side effects.

Registered dietitians help you learn what foods and beverages will help your child heal and recover, as well as meet your child’s nutritional needs based on their personal health concerns.

Child Life specialists are therapists trained in child development who work with children and families to help them cope with the stress and uncertainty of hospitalization, acute and chronic illness and disability.

Therapists are skilled in specialized treatments to help your child develop skills to recover.

Various support staff, including environmental services, security, culinary, patient access, guest services and others, also partner with your child’s care team to provide quality service and care.

Honoring your health care wishes

It is important that your child’s and family’s preferences are communicated to your child’s health care providers. You are encouraged to speak with your nurse, social worker or health care provider so we can honor your wishes and what is most important to you and your child.

Expressing gratitude

Some people find expressing gratitude to be emotionally healing as they reflect on challenging experiences.

Patients and families often ask how they can express their gratitude to our providers and staff. We appreciate your kindness and offer several ways that you can recognize members of our UW Health team.

If you wish to recognize:


You may submit a message for a physician for National Doctors’ Day, which is celebrated annually on March 30.


You may submit a nomination for a DAISY Award, which is presented monthly.

Nursing assistants

You may submit a nomination for a Sunshine Award, which is presented monthly.

Medical assistants

The Sunflower Award recognizes medical assistants for extraordinary care.

Respiratory therapists

You can nominate a respiratory therapist for a PHIL award for exceptional care.

UW Health staff or providers

You may submit a note of appreciation through our Patient and Family Experience Recognition Program. This is a great way to recognize any provider or staff member year-round.

Thank you for taking the time to recognize our remarkable providers and staff — in your own words, which is especially meaningful.

To make a donation

For those interested in making a philanthropic gift to support the care, research or services at UW Health, there are many ways to give.

Making your stay easier

Family-centered rounds at your child's bedside
A family gathered around a child in a hospital bed

Every day, your child’s care team will gather bedside to discuss your child’s goals, answer questions and confirm next steps in your child’s healthcare plan.

Please have your child’s medication schedule (see MyChart Bedside or ask for a printout), keep us aware of any issues and write down questions so you can discuss them with your child’s care team. If you are unable to participate, please tell your child’s nurse so we can make sure your questions and concerns are addressed.

More information on MyChart Bedside “Preparing You for Rounds,” “Getting Ready for Your Child’s Discharge” and “Your Child’s FollowUp Appointment.”

To ensure your child’s safety, every time there is a change of shift, the off-going nurse will introduce you to the on-coming nurse. Together, both nurses will perform a bedside safety check that includes a summary about your child’s medical status and a review of equipment and medications.

More information is available on MyChart Bedside “A Smooth Transition Between Nursing Shifts.”

During your stay

Supporting a healthy and safe environment

Staying safe and comfortable

Every patient is at risk for falling while in the hospital. Make sure that crib/bed rails are up while your child is sleeping. Please help us keep your child safe: “Call, Don’t Fall”— that means call a nurse for assistance. We encourage you to watch a short video on Channel 3 on your television to learn more.

Many of our young patients are at risk of infection. You can help us stop the spread of germs that can make others sick by following these simple steps.

  • Hand washing with germ-killing gel or soap and water is the No. 1 way to prevent illness and infection and stop the spread of germs.

  • Family members and visitors must have clean hands when they visit. They should wash their hands or use alcohol hand gel upon entering and leaving your child’s room.

  • Your child’s healthcare team must use hand gel every time they enter your child’s room and throughout their visit. Please, don’t be shy about asking if a care team member has used hand gel.

  • Wear a mask over your nose and mouth when you are sick or have an infection (especially if you have a cough). Try to stay at least three feet away from other people and avoid shaking hands or touching others.

More information is available on MyChart Bedside “Keeping Hands Clean.”

It is important that you understand the purpose of your child’s medications, when and how they should be taken and any possible side effects. We encourage you to ask questions.

You will be able to view your child’s medications through MyChart Bedside (your nurse will assist with this). We will provide you with your child’s medication schedule on admission and as needed. To ensure your child’s safety, certain medicines and blood products will
be checked by two nurses at your child’s bedside before being given.

More information is available on MyChart Bedside “Understanding Your Child’s Medications.”

You can help us create a restful and healing environment by keeping noise levels down. During quiet times, we will dim the lights and use softer voices when speaking. For the safety of all our patients, please do not allow children to jump on beds or other furniture, stand on window ledges or run in the hallways.

If noise is a problem, please speak to your nurse about options to mask sounds, such as requesting a sleep kit, wearing earplugs or listening to peaceful nature sounds on your

A change in position, extra pillows, a warm blanket, hot or cold packs may help your comfort level. Visit us online for pain management or comfort options and ways to pass the time.

Every surface in your room has been thoroughly cleaned with hospital-grade cleaning products. We also use a UV disinfection robot to make sure your room is germ free–from top to bottom.

Each room features a pull-out couch and bathroom, and most rooms have a shower. Extra pillows and linens are available for family members.

If there is anything we can do to make your child or you more comfortable, please talk with your nurse or call us directly:

  • If your child’s room needs to be cleaned, call (608) 263-1260.

  • If your child’s room is too hot or cold or a feature of your room (television, bed, lights, etc.) does not work properly, call (608) 263-5205.

Pharmacy services

Medication needs

American Family Children's Hospital Pharmacy

1st Floor, Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
Fill your child’s prescriptions and purchase over-the-counter medications for children at the American Family Children’s Hospital Pharmacy. The children’s hospital pharmacy is staffed by pharmacists specifically trained in pediatric medications and can also offer many child-friendly services to help make treatment easier.

University Hospital Pharmacy

2nd Floor, Main Street, Open daily, 9 a.m.-7 p.m.
The pharmacy at University Hospital is available to fill your child’s prescriptions when the children’s hospital pharmacy is closed.

A patient picking up a prescription from a pharmacy employee

UW Health Pharmacies

Pick up your prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines at several locations throughout Dane County. Visit uwhealth.org/pharmacy for the list of locations.

We deliver to your home

Free home delivery service, with special stay-cool packaging for medicines that need refrigeration. For details, talk with pharmacy staff or call (866) 894-3784.



Supportive services and activities for your child

We offer many special services, activities and events to help your child feel as comfortable as possible while in our care.

Many of these services are also available for siblings. Look for the Events Calendar posted in your child’s room and outside the hospital playrooms, or ask your nurse about these special resources.

More information is available on MyChart Bedside “Extras.”

Child Life program
A child playing with a doll

Helps children, adolescents and families cope with the fear and anxiety associated with being in the hospital and promotes positive experiences to help your child play and grow while in our care. Child Life specialists can help prepare your child for procedures and surgeries, engage in medical play and offer activities to provide distraction and help normalize the hospital experience. Learn more

Our Positive Image Center is the only hospital-based center of its kind. A licensed cosmetologist will help provide wigs, hats, scarves and other resources to lessen the impact of and ease anxiety about appearance-altering treatments, illnesses, procedures and side-effects. Please ask your nurse about receiving these services.

Patients and families are invited to use the playrooms located on their hospital
floor and participate in daily scheduled activities. If your child is unable to visit the playroom, Child Life staff can offer suggestions for activities in your child’s room. Patients and siblings need to be supervised at all times.

Special programs and activities such as Pet Pals and sewing pillow cases, as well as visits from magicians and other entertainers provide a bit of fun for patients and families. The special activities calendar is posted outside the hospital playrooms and is available on MyChart Bedside “Extras.”

Teachers employed by the Madison Metropolitan School District teach patients 4K–12 in one of two classrooms or bedside, if needed.

Ask your Health Unit Coordinator (HUC) about what special therapies are available on your child’s unit to provide comfort and healing. Some services are available at no cost.


Providing a comfortable stay for patients and families

Food and beverage options

Special meals provided to American Family Children’s Hospital families at no charge

Family meals: Family meals are provided three nights a week in the children’s hospital lobby. The Family Meals Calendar with menus is available on MyChart Bedside “Extras” and posted in the playroom on your child’s floor. All family meals are provided free of charge through generous community support.

Ronald McDonald House lunches: Ronald McDonald House lunches might be available on inpatient units. Ask your Health Unit Coordinator (HUC).

Our chefs, culinary staff and registered dietitians are passionate about serving foods that are delicious, nutritious and support health and healing. Our menus focus on whole, minimally processed foods using the best quality ingredients.

American Family Children’s Hospital, 1st Floor Lobby
Monday–Friday, 6:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m.

Farmers’ Market Café in the children’s hospital lobby offers delicious, healthy food selections including custom-made sandwiches, salads, smoothies, snacks, coffee and tea.

University Hospital, 1st Floor H elevators
Monday–Friday, 6 a.m.–3 p.m.

Our full-service cafeteria at University Hospital has many options to appeal to different tastes and appetites.

University Hospital, 1st Floor H Elevators
Monday–Friday, 3 p.m.–6 a.m.(open overnight)
Friday, opens at 3 p.m. and remains open until Monday at 6 a.m.

Mendota Market at University Hospital offers convenience store items, prepared food, bottled beverages, specialty teas and Starbucks, Barriques and Cadence Cold Brew coffee on Nitro Tap.

You may have food delivered by area restaurants to the children’s hospital lobby at 1675 Highland Ave. Please plan to meet the delivery driver in the lobby.

Vending machines are stocked with a variety of snacks. Please eat in your child's room.  

  • American Family Children's Hospital: Located on the 4th and 5th floors outside the family kitchens

  • University Hospital: Refrigerated vending machines on the 3rd floor at the B and D elevator lobbies and the 5th floor E elevator lobby are stocked with sandwiches, soups and fruits.

Please clean hands before eating, and follow physical distancing and face covering guidelines.

Children's Room Service Menu

Room service for patients and primary supports

Ordering times

  • Breakfast: 6:30–9:30 a.m.

  • Lunch: 11 a.m.–2 p.m.

  • Dinner: 3:30–7 p.m.

For patients

How to place an order using MyChart Bedside tablet

  1. Click on the Let’s Eat icon on the home screen

  2. Select your menu items

  3. Click “add to tray” for each item

  4. Click “view tray” and `confirm the delivery time

  5. Click “place order”

Place an order by phone

Plan an order using the room service app

  • Visit the Apple Store or Google Play to download the CBORD Patient app

  • When using the app, use facility ID uwh53792 when placing your orderNotes

Additional information

  • For patients with a prescribed a special diet, we can help you with your selections

  • Your child's meal will be prepared and delivered to your room within an hour or you may have it delivered at a specific time around scheduled treatments or therapies

  • Baby foods and pureed foods are available upon request

For primary supports

  • Primary supports my order room service

  • The meal includes one main course, two side orders, beverage and dessert or fruit

  • To place the order for a primary support, call *3663 on room phone or (608) 265-0202 on your mobile device during the ordering times

  • Meals are $8, cash and credit cards are accepted

View the menu

To view the menu, see the patient and family guide (pdf)

Internet, TV and movies

Computers are available on each floor of the children’s hospital and at the University Hospital Business Center located in the Surgical Waiting Area (Main Street/2nd Floor). Chargers are also available for purchase in the Gift Shop. Please note that tech support is not available for personal devices.

Connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop to “UW Health Guest”

Watch movies, television shows or one of our relaxation channels on our streaming movie service which allows you to start, pause or stop programming around your schedule. You may also watch regularly scheduled network and cable television.

Watch on your personal mobile device

  1. Connect to “Free WiFi UW Health” from your mobile device

  2. Download the “Swank Media Player” App from the iTunes or Google Play store

  3. Visit swank.uwhealth.org from your web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) to browse the list of movies, TV shows and other content

Watch on your bedside tablet

  1. On your MyChart Bedside tablet, open the MyChart Bedside app

  2. Log in to MyChart Beside with your PIN

  3. From the menu on the left, tap “Watch Movies”

  4. Browse movies, television shows or other content and tap > to start

View a listing of television channels (pdf)

Services, lodging and activities

Hotel reservations
A lobby and waiting room

American Family Children’s Hospital patients, families and guests are eligible to stay at the Best Western Plus InnTowner Madison for a reduced rate. The hotel is located three blocks from University Hospital and offers complimentary shuttle service between the hotel and hospital 24 hours a day. To make a hotel reservation, please call (608) 263-0315.

The Ronald McDonald House is a “home-away-from-home” for families of children’s hospital patients located a block from the children’s hospital, at little or no cost. It provides private bedrooms, home-cooked meals and playrooms for children. Shuttle service to the children’s hospital runs 8 a.m.–8 p.m. daily.

For more information, call (608) 263-0315 or stop at the Guest Depot.

1st Floor Lobby, Monday–Friday
School year: 9 a.m.–2 p.m.
Summer: 9 a.m.–3 p.m.

Brothers and sisters ages 3-12 of hospitalized children may participate in structured activities in a supervised environment for up to two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. Children do not need to be potty-trained, but staff/students/volunteers are not able to assist in changing/toileting. Parents will be called to report back to Tyler’s Place and help their child. Children will also be health screened by Security. Call (608) 890-8037 to make arrangements.

Family lounges located on each floor of the children’s hospital provide some of the comforts of home, including:

  • Kitchen facilities to prepare a meal or refrigerate food

  • Laundry facilities with washers and dryers for parents to use (machines and soap are free of charge)

  • A large TV

The Pierce Family Theater is a comfortable space located in the 1st floor lobby for patients and families to watch a movie or DVD.

Private lactation rooms and refrigerators for breast milk storage are available on each floor. A pump is provided (please bring your own supplies). Lactation specialists are available if needed. Talk to your child’s nurse for more information.

Patients can receive mail during their hospital stay. Cards and letters will arrive sooner if they are addressed like the example below and identify your child as a patient.

Patient: Mary Smith
American Family Children’s Hospital
1675 Highland Ave.
Madison, WI 53792

Mail that arrives after a child leaves the hospital will be forwarded to the parents’ home.

You may drop off stamped mail at the Guest Depot during regular business hours or at the
U.S. Postal Service mailbox located outside the University Hospital Main Entrance revolving door. Postage stamps are available at the Farmers' Market Café in the children’s hospital lobby and at the Mendota Market on the 1st floor of University Hospital.

During the warmer months, you are welcome to visit our outdoor rooftop gardens and
patios located at University Hospital, weather permitting, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Please talk with your nurse if you wish to visit. Badge access is required.

  • Atrium Patio, located near the Four Lakes Cafeteria at J3/1

  • Hilary Grace Healing Garden, located near the E Elevators, 4th Floor

  • Haberman Terrace, located between the E and D elevators, 4th Floor

If you would like a volunteer to visit you during your stay, please ask your nurse.

The chapel, located on the 1st floor of the children’s hospital, is open for meditation, private prayer and worship 24 hours a day. People of all faith traditions – or those of no faith tradition – are welcome. A schedule for Catholic Mass and Islamic Prayer times is posted outside the chapel, or please ask your nurse.

More information is available on MyChart Bedside “Spiritual Care Services.”

Our chaplains are available 24 hours a day and provide a supportive, caring presence while your child is hospitalized. We respect the spiritual beliefs and needs of everyone. To request a personal visit, please call (608) 263-8574.

  • American Family Children’s Hospital: 1st Floor by the Guest Depot

  • University Hospital: 2nd Floor Main Street by the Clinics Entrance

  • University Hospital: 1st Floor J elevators outside the Four Lakes Cafeteria

For convenience, you can purchase gift cards to use at any of our food service venues, gift shops, pharmacies and Safety Center. Purchase gift cards at the American Family Children’s Hospital Farmers' Market Café and Safety Center, or at the University Hospital Gift Shop, Four Lakes Cafeteria or Mendota Market.

For more information, call (608) 263-8231.


American Family Children's Hospital Gift Shop and Pharmacy
A child testing a booster seat

1st Floor Lobby
Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5:30 p.m.

The Children’s Hospital Gift Shop and Pharmacy offers many child-friendly items such as stuffed animals, games, balloons and toys.

2nd Floor Main Street (near the University Hospital Main Entrance)
Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–7 p.m.
Saturday/Sunday, 11 a.m.–3 p.m.

The University Hospital Gift Shop offers a wide array of greeting cards, balloons, fresh-cut flowers and plants, gift items, jewelry, magazines, puzzle books, lotions, candles and more.

Health Sciences Learning Center Atrium (near the University Hospital Four Lakes Cafeteria)
Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4 p.m.

The University Bookstore features University of Wisconsin Badgers clothing and gifts, books, computers, art supplies and much more.

Open via phone and email only: Monday-Friday, 9am-4:30pm

The Safety Center sells strollers, car seats, bike and ski helmets, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, gun locks and more. Most items at the Safety Center are priced lower than other retailers. Trained staff can provide educational materials, answer questions and install car seats. Call (608) 890-8043 or email safety@uwhealth.org for more information. Learn more about the Safety Center

COVID-19 Update: To protect the health and safety of everyone in our community, the American Family Children’s Hospital Safety Center is closed for walk-in purchases until further notice. During this time items can be purchased remotely and scheduled for no-contact pick-up.

Finding your way

Finding your way to University Hospital

Step 1
A sign that reads "security"

Start from the Security Office on the 1st floor by the elevators and walk towards the lobby

Step 2
A hallway decorated with fake roads and street signs

Make a left at the Guest Depot onto O’Keefe Way

Step 3
Two UW Health employees walking through a hallway of windows

Follow O’Keefe Way and then cross the Skywalk/Connector Bridge

Step 4
A sign in a hallway pointing to American Family Children's Hospital

When you reach the bank of elevators on your right, you are now standing in the University Hospital 3rd Floor Atrium

Once you've arrived at University Hospital

Take the University Hospital Atrium elevators to the following commonly visited locations:

1st Floor

  • Four Lakes Cafeteria

  • Mendota Market

  • ATM

  • Connecting hallway to University Bookstore at the Health Sciences Learning Center

2nd Floor

  • Towne Square

  • Main Street

  • Gift Shop

  • Pharmacy

  • Clinics Entrance

  • Hospital Entrance

  • University Hospital Parking Ramp

A map illustrating the route between University Hospital and the American Family Children's Hospital

Billing and records

Understanding your bill, making a financial plan and requesting medical records

UW Health will review your health insurance coverage, including any insurance requirements for preauthorization or notification, and submit claims to your health insurance on your behalf. You will be required to pay known financial liabilities (copays, deductibles) before or at the time of service. After your insurance company has processed the claim and paid its portion, you will be responsible for any remaining balance.

If you have questions about your health insurance coverage, your visit, or would like to discuss payment options or financial assistance, please call (877) 565-0505 to speak with a financial counselor. The hospital and its associated clinics and our physician group have separate billing regulatory requirements. Your bill will list professional services and hospital/clinic services separately.

Depending on your insurance plan, you may be subject to different out-of-pocket costs when treated at a provider-based clinic. Some insurers pay hospital/clinic charges differently than professional charges. Please review your benefits handbook.

Medical bills from an unexpected accident, illness or hospitalization can cause financial stress. If you find yourself without a plan to pay medical expenses, our financial counselors will help you understand and manage your UW Health bills.

We can assist you with setting up payment plans, providing estimated costs for upcoming services, exploring other coverage options such as governmental programs or plans on the Healthcare Marketplace and if applicable, applying for UW Health’s Financial Assistance Program. For more information, visit UW Health Billing and Insurance, ask to speak to one of our on-site financial counselors during your hospital stay or call us at (877) 565-0505.

Our financial counselors are happy to answer your questions. Feel free to call (877) 565-0505, write or visit. If you send written correspondence, please include the account number shown on your billing statement.

UW Health Patient Business Services
7974 UW Health Court
Middleton, WI 53562

600 Highland Ave, H6/220
2nd floor (Main Street)
Madison, WI 53792

You may request copies of your UW Health medical records, radiology images and pathology reports and slides.

UW Health is committed to safeguarding your identity

UW Health’s account representatives may contact you if we need more information about past or future healthcare services. We might ask for your personal information (name, date of birth, Social Security number), insurance information, financial information, etc. If you have concerns about giving this information over the phone, and you want to verify that you’re speaking with a UW Health representative, you may ask for a call-back number.

A patient being helped at a UW Health security desk

Understanding your rights and responsibilities

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality and safest possible care during your stay. Our patients will receive care and treatment without discrimination or being treated differently based on age, ancestry, color, creed, disability, filing of a prior civil rights complaint, gender, gender identity or expression, marital status, military status or protected veteran status, national origin, newborn status, parental or familial status, political affiliation, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, source of payment, or any other characteristic protected by local, state, or federal ordinance, law or regulation.

Learn about

  • Access to care and treatment without discrimination

  • Respect for your dignity and privacy

  • Information you can understand

  • Participation in decisions about your care

  • Care that supports you and your family

  • Access to your billing and medical records

You can help us provide you with the best possible care by following these responsibilities:

  • Follow hospital rules and regulations

  • Respect the rights of other patients, families, visitors and staff

  • Provide accurate and complete information to your medical team about your health and health care

  • Ask for more information if you do not understand your illness or treatment

  • Work actively with your caregivers to implement your treatment plan

  • Treat healthcare providers, employees and other patients with respect

  • Our Patient Relations staff can help you understand our organizational policies. Complete list of your rights and responsibilities as a patient

Let us hear from you

We welcome and value your feedback

If you have any compliments or concerns about your care or safety as a patient of UW Health, we encourage you to talk with your doctors and nurses.

Patient and family advisor partnership program: Partners in care

Our patients and their families offer a unique perspective and first-hand expertise on their experiences as a patient at UW Health. Learn more about the program

Your voice matters

UW Health’s goal is to provide high quality, compassionate care. Your feedback can help us meet that goal. You may receive a survey after being discharged from the hospital. Please consider completing the survey to let us know what we are doing well and how we can improve. Your input and thoughtful suggestions are very important to us. Thank you for allowing us to be involved in your care.