While you receive care in our Home-Based Hospital Care Program (HBHC), you will wear a special watch that lets you call your care team for immediate help, if needed. For your safety, always wear this watch, except when bathing or charging the battery.

HBHC Watch 1

Making a Help Call

There is a help button just below the “6” on the front of the watch. Press and hold the help button to call your care team if you need immediate help and cannot reach a phone.

To make a help call:

  1. Press and hold the help button until you hear the watch say the call is starting.

  2. Wait for the call to be answered.

  3. You may be asked to record a message. If so, your message will be sent to your care team. They will call you back as soon as they can.

  4. You may receive a call back through your watch. Your watch will vibrate and ring once before automatically connecting you with your care team.

Charging the Watch

There is a small light just below the number “6” on the front of the watch. The light will blink red to let you know the battery needs to be charged.

To charge your watch:

  1. Remove the watch from your wrist and place on the charging dock.

    HBHC Watch 3

  2. The watch will beep once and the red light will change to solid instead of blinking while charging.

  3. When the watch is fully charged, the light will change to a steady green and you can put it back onto your wrist.

    HBHC Watch 4

If the watch is not charging, make sure:

  1. The charging cord is fully inserted in the charging dock and wall plug.

  2. The wall plug is fully inserted in the wall.

  3. The watch is sitting on the dock on its side, with the display button facing up.


Our goal is to give you the safest and best possible care. Please let your care team know if you have questions. We want to make sure we explain details of your care in a way that you understand.