The goal of this test is to see how fast materials pass through the colon.

Starting 1 Week Before

Eat a high fiber diet or take fiber supplements as instructed. Do not change your diet unless you are told to do so.

Please keep a diary of your bowel habits for this same time period.

It is very important not to use any laxatives, enemas, or suppositories during the length of this study.

Steps for the Study

  • Day 1 morning, swallow one (1) capsule containing the rings.

  • Day 2 morning at about the same time, swallow another capsule.

  • Day 3 morning at about the same time, swallow the last capsule.

  • The markers are made of plastic and will pass through your system harmlessly.

All three (3) capsules contain 24 radiopaque markers (total of 72).


  • Day 4, go to the x-ray department that was discussed with you at the time of teaching.

  • An x-ray of your abdomen will be taken on Day 4 and possibly again on Day 7.

  • After you have had your last x-ray, please fax your bowel diary:
    608-890-5049 or mail your bowel diaries to:
    Digestive Health Center
    MC 9911 Attn: RN
    750 University Row
    Madison, WI 53705


Patient needs order for abdominal flat plat X2 with a diagnosis and diagnosis code.