Ultrasound testing of nerves and muscles may be done at the same time as EMG/NCS testing to provide more structural information about the nerves and muscles.

This is generally painless however certain positions may be uncomfortable. Please let the examiner know if at any time, you are in pain.

An ultrasound can give information into the reason of an abnormal focal numbness or pain, such as:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Ulnar neuropathy at the wrist or elbow

  • Peroneal neuropathy

Ultrasounds can be used alone or grouped to help other kinds of imaging, depending on the clinical situation. There are times when a different area other than where your symptoms are, will be examined.

Getting Ready

Wear comfortable clothes, or you choose to change into a gown. If the arm or leg is being examined, we suggest a tank top or shorts. We use ultrasound gel which may leave residue on clothes but will wash out in normal laundry.

What to Expect

The neurologist will apply gel to the area being imaged and glide the ultrasound probe along the surface of the skin to produce the images.

After the Ultrasound

The neurologists will wipe away any gel residue and you can leave the clinic.

Your referring provider will have your results within 24 hours. They will be responsible for communicating the results of the testing and may share them with you at your next appointment.