Post ejaculate urinalysis (PEU) is a test performed on urine after ejaculation. This test is to check for sperm in the urine. PEU samples must be collected at the clinic.

Reasons for PEU

  • You have a low semen volume

  • You do not have an ejaculate

  • You have retrograde ejaculation

Retrograde Ejaculation

This is a condition where the semen flows back to the bladder instead of flowing out through the penis during ejaculation.

Getting Ready for Your Post Ejaculate Urinalysis

  • Do not have sex or masturbate for 2-3 days before your test.

  • Bring a government issued photo ID to your visit.

  • Drink plenty of fluids the night before your visit.

Collecting Your Sample

  1. Check in at the front desk.

  2. You will be shown where to collect your sample.

  3. In the restroom, urinate in the toilet to empty your bladder.

  4. Return to your collection room.

  5. Wash your hands and your penis.

  6. Masturbate.

  7. Collect your ejaculate in the cup provided. It is okay if you do not have an ejaculate.

  8. Write your first name, last name and date of birth on the cup.

  9. Complete the patient portion of the paperwork.

  10. In the restroom, collect your urine in the cup provided. Urine must be collected in a separate cup from your ejaculate.

  11. Write your first name, last name and date of birth on the cup.

  12. Bring your cups and paperwork to the lab window next to the collection room.

  13. Ring the bell and wait for lab staff.

  14. Do not leave your cups unattended.


Your provider’s office will let you know the results of your test. The results may take up to 7 days to return.

Who to Call

Call Generations Fertility Care to schedule your PEU test.