You must always bring your VAD back-up supplies with you everywhere you go. If your primary VAD equipment fails or breaks, and you don’t have your back-up supplies near, your pump could stop, creating a high risk of stroke or death.

VAD Back-up Supplies

Your back-up supplies include:

  • Back-up controller

  • At least two fully charged batteries

Always Have Back-up VAD Supplies

Take your back-up supplies with you everywhere. This includes taking supplies with you to:

  • The emergency room

  • The grocery store

  • The pharmacy

  • Visit friends/family

  • UW Health clinic and hospital visits

VAD Back-up Supplies at Home

Keep your back-up supplies on the same level of the home that you are on. Take your supplies with you if you go outside.

Failing to Bring Back-up Supplies to UW Health Visits

If you do not have your back-up supplies with you at your UW Health visits, our policy requires us to issue new controllers and batteries. Your insurance company may not cover the cost if we need to issue new supplies.

When to Call

Call if you have any questions about your VAD supplies and safety plan.

Who to Call

Heart Failure/VAD Clinic


To reach your VAD Coordinator directly, refer to your VAD patient education binder.