HF 8160

Breast Localization Before Surgery

You will have localization before a breast biopsy or lumpectomy to locate a site of concern. This involves placing one or more fine wires or markers into the lesion in your breast. This marker will help guide the surgeon to the tissue to be removed.

Before the Procedure

You will check into the UW Outpatient Surgery Center. There, you will change into a gown and robe. You will have an IV started. Staff will bring you to the Breast Center in a wheelchair.

During the Procedure
  1. You will have a mammogram or ultrasound of your breast to locate the site of concern.

  2. Your breast will be cleaned.

  3. The doctor will inject numbing medicine into your breast. You may feel a sting. Our goal is that you do not feel any pain after this.

  4. The doctor will place a small needle into your breast at the site of concern. You may feel some pressure. If you feel pain, please let the staff know.

  5. When the doctor confirms the needle placement, the needle is removed. If you have a wire localization, the thin, thread-like wire remains in place and is secured to the outside of the breast with tape.

  6. You will then have one or more mammography images taken to confirm the wire or marker placement.

  7. Your surgeon will use these images during your surgery.

After the Procedure

Staff will take you back to the Outpatient Surgery Center to prepare for your future surgery.