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Bowel Prep for Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty

This handout tells you how to perform a bowel prep to prepare for your penile inversion surgery.

Bowel Prep

You will need to perform a bowel prep to empty your bowels before surgery. We have you do the bowel prep to make sure you don't have any problems from surgery like an infection. We cannot move forward with surgery if you do not complete the bowel prep the day before. 


You can pick up these supplies at your local drugstore:

  • 4 Dulcolax® laxative tablets that contain 5 mg of bisacodyl each (not Dulcolax® stool softener) 

  • 1 - 8.3 oz. bottle Miralax® (238 grams) 

  • 64 oz. clear liquid Gatorade®, G2®, Gatorade Ice®, Powerade® or Powerade Zero® of any flavor 


You may have skin irritation around the anus or a hemorrhoid flare. It can be treated with hydrocortisone creams, baby wipes or Tucks® pads. Avoid products that contain alcohol. If you have a prescription for hemorrhoid cream, you may use it. Do not use suppositories. 

3 Weeks Before Surgery 

Stop taking estrogen and progesterone. 

7 Days Before Surgery 

You can keep taking aspirin or NSAIDS such as Advil®, Motrin®, Celebrex®, ibuprofen or multi-vitamins unless your doctor told you to stop. You should discuss this with your doctor. If you take a blood thinner like Plavix®, Pradaxa®, Clopidogrel®, Coumadin, Warfarin®, Effient®, Prasugrel® or Lovenox®, ask your doctor if you need to stop taking it. 

Stop taking these medicines: ________________________________________________________________________

1 Day Before Surgery 

  • Start a clear liquid diet 

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water during the day 

  • No alcohol, milk, non-dairy creamers, noodles or vegetables in soup, juice with pulp

Approved Clear Liquids

  • Gatorade®, Pedialyte® or Powerade® 

  • Clear broth or bouillon 

  • Coffee or tea (no milk or non-dairy creamer) 

  • Carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks 

  • Kool-Aid® or other fruit flavored drinks 

  • Strained fruit juices (no pulp) 

  • Jell-O®, popsicles, hard candy 

At 12 Noon: 

  1. Take 4 Dulcolax tablets. 

  2. Mix 64 oz. liquid with 8.3 oz. Miralax® and place in the fridge (do not at ice).

  3. Stay near a toilet! You will have diarrhea, which can be quite sudden. This is normal. 

At 6 pm: 

Drink one 8 oz. glass of the Miralax®/Gatorade® mixture every 15 minutes until the mixture is gone. (This may involve drinking the mixture while sitting on the toilet).

Set a timer for every 15 minutes to help you keep pace. 

You may have nausea or vomiting with the prep. If this occurs, give yourself a 30-90 minute break. Rinse your mouth or brush your teeth, then keep drinking the prep mixture. You may have stomach pain until the stool has flushed from your colon (this may take 2 to 4 hours or longer). 

Day of Surgery 

No drinking after midnight. 

Take your morning medicines approved by your doctor with 4 oz. of water up to 3 hours before your procedure. You are ready for your surgery if your stool is no longer formed and is clear or yellow liquid.