HF 8132

Getting Ready for Your Child’s Upcoming Orthopedic Surgery

We want your child to be as healthy as possible before surgery. This ensures the best and safest outcome. A large team of specialists will care for your child during this process. Talking about issues and concerns will help keep your child healthy and ready for surgery. 

Pre-Optimization Pathway (POP) Clinic 

You must attend POP clinic. At the POP clinic, you will meet with pediatric orthopedics and other specialists as needed. They will share what to expect before, during and after surgery. We will plan visits with other services as needed. Your child will also have labs and other tests during this clinic visit.

Let us know if your child receives care at other facilities. We will want to obtain these records.

Questions to Think About Before POP Clinic 

  • Mobility: Does your child need wheelchair adjustments? Will your child need more support during transfers after surgery? Does your child have toileting and bath care needs? 

  • Therapy: Does your child work with a physical or occupational therapist? There may be changes to their goals right after surgery.

  • Nutrition: Do you have any concerns about nutrition, weight gain or weight loss? Does your child have a G-tube or J-tube?

  • Pulmonary (Lungs/Breathing): Does your child have obstructive sleep apnea or snore? Does your child have airway clearance issues? Does your child wear CPAP or BiPAP overnight? Does your child suffer frequent pneumonias? Has your child ever needed a sleep study? When was the last one done?

  • Heart Health: Does your child have a history of heart problems? Has your child ever seen a cardiologist (heart specialist)?

  • Rehab: Does your child regularly see rehab medicine providers?

  • Allergies: Does your child have a medicine or food allergy? What was the reaction?

  • Complex Care: Does your child receive care from the Complex Care team?


Please set up a UW Health MyChart account if you have not done so. We will send you reminders and checklists using MyChart messaging. 

Please send a MyChart message or call the clinic with any questions. Call (608) 263-6420, option 1.