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HF 8095

Semen Sample Collection After Vasectomy

After your vasectomy, you will need to have a semen sample checked at least once or twice. The first sample should be brought in 2-3 months after your vasectomy.

Read this handout for collection and transport instructions, as well as a listing of drop-off locations.

You must drop off samples 8-12 weeks after your vasectomy. You must collect the sample at home.

  1. Either pick up a sterile container from a lab listed on the next page or use the one that was given to you after your procedure.

  2. Do not ejaculate for three days before you collect your sample.

  3. Masturbate to collect your sample into the sterile container. Do not use a condom or spermicide.

  4. After you collect the sample, you must keep the sample warm (body temperature) until you drop it off at the lab. You can do this by carrying the sample in hand or against the body.

  5. Hand-write this information (Sharpie works best):

    1. Full Name

    2. Date of Birth (D.O.B)

    3. Date of Collection

    4. Time of Collection

      If any of this information is missing, it may result in testing delay and/or rejection of sample.

  6. You must drop off your sample within one hour of collection at any UW Health lab listed on the next page between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday only.

Post Vasectomy samples may be dropped off (within one hour of collection) at the following UW Health Laboratory locations Monday – Friday between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm:


Beaver Dam Clinic
(920) 887-9272
705 S. University Ave., Suite 200

Belleville Clinic
(608) 424-3384
1121 Bellwest Blvd.

DeForest-Windsor Clinic
(608) 846-3741
4131 Meridian Drive

Fort Atkinson Clinic
(920) 563-5544
1620 Mehta Lane

Mount Horeb Clinic
(608) 437-3064
600 N. 8th Street

Northport Dr. Clinic
(608) 241-9020
3209 Dryden Drive

Odana Rd. Clinic
(608) 274-1100
5618 Odana Road

Oregon Clinic
(608) 835-5588
137 S. Main Street

Portage Clinic
(608) 742-3004
2977 County Hwy. CX

Sun Prairie Clinic
(608) 837-2206
2651 Windsor Street

Union Corners Clinic
(608) 242-6850
2402 Winnebago Street

University Hospital
(608) 263-8040
600 Highland Ave.

East Madison Hospital
(608) 234-6600
4602 East Park Blvd.

Verona Clinic
(608) 845-9531
100 N. Nine Mound Road

West Towne
(608) 828-7640
7102 Mineral Point Road

Yahara Clinic
(608) 222-8779


Note: Samples will require transportation to a different site for processing.

1 S. Park Medical Center- 2nd Floor
(608) 287-2690

20 S. Park Medical Center- 3rd Floor
(608) 287-2085
North Building, Suite 304

E Terrace Dr. Medical Center
(608) 265-1260
5249 East Terrace Drive

1102 S. Park St Medical Center
(608) 287-5811

Stoughton Clinic
(608) 877-2660
1001 Nygaard Street

Junction Rd. Medical Center
(608) 265-7460
451 Junction Road