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The purpose of this handout is to help you learn about botulinum toxin formulations.

What is a botulinum toxin?

A toxin that comes from the bacteria clostridium botulinum.  

What is botulinum toxin used for?

When injected into muscles, the botulinum toxin stops a muscle from moving. This can help many muscle-related conditions. It is also used to treat other medical problems such as pain from chronic migraines.

What types of botulinum toxin are there?

Type A

Brand Names of Type A include: 

  • Botox®

  • Xeomin®

  • Dysport®

Type B

Brand Names of Type B include: 

  • Myobloc®

How does Xeomin® compare to Botox®? 

  • They have the same active ingredient

  • They are both safe and effective

  • They are dosed the same

  • Xeomin® may be less likely to be attacked by your immune system or cause an allergic reaction.

How does UW Health decide which type to use?

The type that offers the best value to the patient is used.