This handout tells you how to care for your prosthesis. Not everyone will have all these accessories.

Gel Liner

  • Wash daily. Use gentle soap and water (Ivory® dish soap, or another hypoallergenic cleanser, no dyes, fragrance). Rinse well with clean water. Do not use Dial® soap.

  • Store the liner on an upright stand or lay on a clean, flat surface with the gel side facing inward. If you have two gel liners, change them daily.

  • Wipe down the gel liner surface once a week with rubbing alcohol to help keep them free of germs (do not use alcohol more than once a week).

  • Replace gel liners every 6-12 months. This depends on the amount of wear and if the gel surface begins to fall apart.

Pelite or Foam Socket Insert
Every few weeks, or as needed, wipe the foam insert with rubbing alcohol. Do not dunk or soak in soapy water or cleanser of any kind.

Prosthetic Socks/Sheaths
Read all the directions that come with the socks/sheaths. Most cotton-based socks can be machine-washed on gentle cycle with gentle detergent. Hand wash and air-dry nylon sheaths. Socks keep their size and shape best if air dried. Follow the directions that come with the socks/sheaths about dryer use.

Prosthetic Foot
Avoid contact with water and/or sand which can damage the prosthetic foot. If the foot gets wet:

  1. Turn the prosthesis over so water can drain.

  2. Remove the foot shell so that water is not in there for a long time.

  3. If sand or gravel gets in the foot shell, the foot shell needs to be taken off to be cleaned.

  4. See your prosthetist as soon as you can to have the foot module cleaned. This helps make sure it works correctly.

Change the Spectra sock (fiberglass sock covering the carbon foot module within foot shell) about every 6 months. If you hear squeaking coming from the foot during use this may mean, there is a tear in the spectra sock. This can lead to the foot shell and foot not working earlier than expected.

Prosthetic Cover/Skin

  • Do not get wet or store near moisture. If the cover gets wet, use a towel to dry off.

  • Do not dunk or soak any prosthesis with a foam cover in water.

  • The outer skin can be wiped down with gentle soap and water, or at times with rubbing alcohol.

  • Do not use acetone to clean skin cover.

Many flexible outer skins absorb ink, avoid contact with ink print on inside of shoes/sandals or storing prosthesis in contact with ink print of any kind.