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Returning to School With New Onset Diabetes

Use the list below to assure a smooth transition back to school.

Contact your child’s school.

  • Tell them that your child was diagnosed with new onset diabetes.

  • Arrange to meet with the school nurse and your child’s teacher before your child returns to school.

  • Make a plan for communicating blood sugar results between home and school.

Complete the permission form for the diabetes team to talk to school staff about your child’s diabetes care.

Give the school a copy of the diabetes orders.

  • These orders must be signed by the diabetes team. Your school may require additional consent from you to allow them to given medicines.

Provide the school with emergency contact numbers.

  • Work, cell, and home numbers

  • Preferred number to use during the day

Get a medical alert ID.

  • Make sure your child wears it.

Provide labeled supplies for daily diabetes care:

  • Meter and strips

  • Insulin/syringes or pen needles

  • Lancing device/ lancets

  • Glucose tabs or simple carbohydrates for a low blood sugar

  • Glucagon

  • Urine ketone strips

  • Snacks with protein to eat after treating a low (ex. cheese and crackers)

Make a plan for replacing supplies.

  • Write a date on the insulin when it is opened. Replace every 28 days.

Consider your child’s schedule. Discuss with school what extra care might be needed.

  • Times for meals and snacks

  • Times for gym and recess

  • When and how does your child get to and from school

  • After school activities

  • Other school activities like field trips or parties

Call the diabetes team.

If your child gets sick or is missing school because of diabetes issues, the care plan should be reviewed.

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