The reason for your visit today is to see if we can remove the catheter from your bladder. The catheter has been draining your bladder for you. Once it is removed, we need to make sure your bladder can empty enough urine without help from a catheter.

How to Prepare

You do not need to prepare for this visit.

Steps for the Voiding Trial

You will be taken into a bathroom or exam room.

  1. The urinary drainage bag will be removed from your catheter.

  2. Fluid will be placed into your bladder through the catheter. We will measure how much fluid goes into your bladder.

  3. Once you feel a strong enough urge to void, the balloon holding the catheter in place will be deflated and the catheter will be removed.

  4. We will ask you to void into a container to measure the amount of fluid that empties from your bladder.

  5. You will have a visit with your urologist, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant after your voiding trial.

When to Call

Call your doctor or nurse if you have questions.

Who to Call

University Hospital Urology

(608) 263-4757

East Madison Hospital Urology

(608) 440-6464

1 S Park Street Medical Center Urology

(608) 287-8900