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Your NICU Independent Care Session

Preparing for Independent Care Session

Our goal is to help you feel ready to take your baby home from the hospital. The independent care session is your chance to show yourself all you have learned. It also helps us make sure we have taught you how to care for your baby. Your baby’s nurse will work with you to schedule the session. Most sessions last between 12-24 hours depending on your baby’s unique needs. Your baby’s team will discuss the length of your independent care session before starting.

Although the goal of the session is for you to feel comfortable doing your baby’s cares at home, you will not be alone. We are here to support you and answer any questions. We suggest that no visitors come during this session. We want you to be able to focus on caring for your baby

You are ready to schedule your session after:

  • Your baby’s going home plan and treatments have been set.

  • Your teaching and training are complete.

  • You have had time to practice what you learned.

Getting Ready

Make sure you know the information on this list. Work with your baby’s nurse and other healthcare team members if you cannot answer any of the questions below.

  • What are the medicines my baby takes and what time does he/she take them? 

  • What is the method of feeding, type of food and times he receives the feedings? How do I prepare the feedings?

  • What is my baby’s routine? 

  • Does my baby have any special care needs? 

  • Does my baby have any home equipment? If yes, how do I trouble shoot alarms or problems with it? Who is my baby’s equipment vendor to ask for help if I have questions? 

During Independent Care Session

You do all of your baby’s cares that you will be doing at home. This may include any of the things on this list.

  • Medicines

  • Feedings

  • Routine care such as bathing and diaper changes

  • Use of home equipment

  • Troubleshoot and respond to alarms on home equipment

  • Respond to unexpected issues

  • Interact and play with your baby 

  • Practice safe sleep

  • Safety check of baby and equipment with nurse

  • Record the cares you perform on the “Caregiver Independent Care Session for ____” sheet

When you need medicine or supplies please ask your baby’s nurse. Ask for help with cares that take more than one person. You may sleep during the session, but we expect you to care for your baby and respond to any equipment alarms. You may have time away from your baby for meals. If you leave the room during the session, please tell your baby's nurse. Let us know if you need anything to make this session a success!