First Visit: Meet with Surgeon

  • A nurse will review your care with the provider and may order tests you need to complete before your first visit. 

  • The surgeon will talk with you about the surgery.

  • We will ask you about your health history.

Second Visit: Pre-Op Work-Up

  • You will meet with a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant.

  • We will update your health history.

  • We will review your medicines and discuss the plan for taking them.

  • We will discuss what to expect during and after surgery.

  • You will sign consent for surgery.

Pre-Op testing may include:

  • EKG: ________________________

  • Stress test: ____________________

  • Echo: ________________________

  • Cardiac catheterization: __________

  • Vascular imaging: ______________

  • CT scan and/or MR scan: _________

  • X-Rays: ______________________

  • Pulmonary function tests: ________

  • Bloodwork: ___________________

  • Other: ________________________

Vitamins, Herbs, Diet Supplements and Medicines

  • We will give you instructions on medicine use at the pre-op work-up visit.

  • You may have to stop taking certain medicines.

  • We will give you special instructions for blood thinning medicines or medicines used to control diabetes.

Quit Smoking

  • If you smoke, try to stop smoking or cut back before surgery.

  • Smoking makes it harder to heal.

  • Ask your doctor or nurse if you need help to quit. 

  • You could also call the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line at: 1-800-784-8669.

Arrange for leave from work, if needed.

You may want to ask your human resources department if you need FMLA paperwork. Bring this to your visit if you can.

You may want to complete a Power of Attorney (POA) for Health Care or Living Will before surgery. A POA lets you name a person who can speak on your behalf if you are not able to. Please contact the clinic if you need help.