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Pediatric Preventive Cardiology Clinic (PPCC)

In the Pediatric Preventive Cardiology Clinic (PPCC), our goal is to try to reduce or get rid of risk factors in children that may cause adult heart disease, like heart attack or stroke. 

Main Focus

  • Improve cholesterol levels

  • Teach you about nutrition and exercise 

  • Help your child quit using tobacco products

New Patients

Referrals to our clinic require a fasting lipid panel. This test helps us figure out your child’s risk factors for heart disease. Your child can eat and drink as usual on the day of your visit.

You will receive paperwork in the mail that includes a 3-day food diary and a form on family health history. Please bring this with you to your first visit. You can also print these forms from the “Preparing for Your Visit” section of our website: www.uwhealth.org/kidscholesterol

Each child will meet with a nutritionist to review the food diary. You will learn ways to improve your child’s cholesterol profile.

The first visit will last 60 to 90 minutes. You may bring books, toys or games for your child.

Return Visits 

Your PPCC health care team will let you know when your child needs to repeat fasting labs. If labs are not done when they are due, we may need to reschedule your next visit. We also may not be able to renew your child’s medicine.

Fasting Labs 

For a fasting lab, your child may not eat or drink (except plain water and prescribed medicines) for 10-12 hours before the blood draw.

You child can have labs drawn at any UW Health lab. If you would like to have your child’s labs done outside the UW Health system, please call our clinic and give us the name and address or fax number of the clinic. 

Lab results can be faxed to our clinic at 608-890-8102.

Getting Ready for Your Clinic Visit

Please arrive 20 minutes before your child’s visit to allow time to check-in. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, we may need to reschedule.

Who to Call

If you have questions or need to reschedule your child's visit, please call Pediatric Cardiology at 608-263-6420.