HF 7757

Sitting Home Exercise Program For Leg Strength

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These exercises will help to build your leg strength. Choose a chair that is not too low. You should do 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions of resisted exercises 3 days a week to increase your strength. You have to increase the weight you lift to keep gaining strength. You can get ankle weights at the sports section of a department store. A set of adjustable ankle weights is recommended. (Look for a 10 pound pair of ankle weights that hold up to 5 pounds for each ankle).

Sit to Stand

Move forward to edge of your chair. Lean forward so your “nose is over your toes.” Place your hands on the armrests of the chair

and push up to stand up straight. Let go of the armrests. When ready to sit back down, reach back for the armrests and sit down. 

Repeat _____ times, _____ sets/day

Advanced: Use 1 hand for support to stand. 


More Advanced: Fold arms across chest and stand up and sit down.

Ankle Pumps/Circles

Move feet up, down and/or around in circles. This exercise is good for circulation and flexibility. 

Repeat 10 or more times, _____ sets/day or 1 time every hour during the day.


Knee Extension (Kicks)

Sit up straight in the chair. Kick your foot up. Hold ____ seconds, then lower foot. 

Repeat _____ times, _____ sets/day

Advanced: Put a weight on your ankle. Increase the weight as tolerated. 


Hip Flexion (Marching)

Sit up straight in the chair. Lift knees up one at a time.

Repeat _____ times, _____ sets/day

Advanced: Put a weight on your ankle. Increase the weight as tolerated.


Hip Abduction (Knees Apart)

Put theraband around your thighs. Push knees apart.

Repeat _____ times, _____ sets/day

Hip Adduction (Knees Together)

Put ball or pillow between your knees and push knees together.

Repeat _____ times, _____ sets/day