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HF 7730

Pedometers and Activity Trackers

This handout is about pedometers and activity trackers. These tools help to keep track of your activity and sometimes other wellness goals. Today, there are many choices. There are very simple ones with basic functions. Common functions include step counts, distance, and time. Others have advanced features to use with online or phone apps. Some are free and some have a cost that could vary from less than $5 to more than $100. Features might include:

  • Clock

  • Memory

  • Calories and other nutrition information

  • Reminders to move

  • Sleep tracking

  • Text notifications

Find one that best fits you or child’s lifestyle and needs. 

Why Keep Track

Activity has many health benefits for all ages. Keeping track makes you more aware of how active you are. It can also remind you to keep moving and reinforce good habits. Just clip it on your waist, wrist, or pocket and get started!

Goals for Number of Steps

Talk with your team about setting a goal. For most children and adults, 10,000 steps every day is a great goal. Start at 5,000 steps and increase by 1,000 steps weekly until you reach 10,000. Start by getting a pedometer or other activity tracker and see how many steps each of you take every day. If you are close to your goal, keep up the great work! If not, try to add:

  • A half hour family walk 

  • A game of soccer or football in the backyard

  • Sledding in the snow

  • Other activities you enjoy!

You can also make it into a game by rewarding the person who gets the most steps in a week!