Disposable medical supplies are single use supplies such as gauze, bandages, dressings, medical tape, etc. We will help you plan for care and supplies you may need when you go home. We will help you find a supplier approved by your insurance.

Your plan may or may not pay for all or part of these supplies. If you have a second plan, it might cover all or part of any payment. Our staff can help you find the best choices covered by your plan.

Medical Assistance (MA)
These plans may not pay for supplies. Your supplier can answer questions about what your plan will cover. For some supplies, Wisconsin MA works with an out-of-state provider.

Medicare Part A
This plan requires that your home health care agency provides you with certain supplies at no charge. This includes supplies that Medicare has paid for in the past. They will work with your doctor to order your supplies.

The home health agency will not cover or provide medicines or hygiene items. Medicare has a list of “routine and non-routine” supplies for home health care. They will let you know if the supplies you need are not on this list.

If you have Medicare part B or a second plan, it may or may not cover your supplies. Check with your insurance for your best options.

Supplier Options
Staff may help you look at your options. You can choose the company you want use. Check your plan to be sure the company you choose is covered.

Insurance only covers a certain number of items per month. If you need more, you will need to pay for them out-of-pocket.

Contact your supplier for refills at least two weeks before you run out. This way you will receive the item before you run out.

Call your clinic if your wound changes. You will need regular clinic visits to measure the wound. The staff can call the supply company for new supplies or more of the same supplies.

Your supplies may not be the same brand or have the same look as the ones used at UW Health. They will serve the same purpose.