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  1. Drop the short end of the shrinker sock down through the middle of the donning tube.  

    7679 image 1
  2. Open the sock. Stretch it around the tube, and roll it down the sides. Try not to let the sock curl over the bottom of the tube.

    7679 image 2
  3. Holding onto the sock and the tube, place your limb into the center of the tube.

    7679 image 3
  4. Gently roll the sock and tube up your limb.

    7679 image 4
  5. For best fit, adjust the plastic ring at the bottom upwards, to take up the slack.  

  6. Turn the second layer inside out, and place over limb. This second layer should be shorter than the first layer, usually staying just below the knee.

    7679 image 5
    7679 image 6