Slip sewn end of the shrinker sock down through the middle of the donning tube.


Open the sock. Stretch it around the tube and roll it down the sides.


Try not to let the sock curl over the bottom of the tube.


Be sure the end of the shrinker sock is flat before applying to end of residual limb. It needs to be taught against the residuum. It is OK to apply this sock over bandaging but be careful to avoid wrinkles in any material that could irritate the skin.

Holding onto the sock and the tube, place your limb into the center of the tube.


Gently roll the sock and tube up your limb. Apply gentle pressure to be sure the sock lays flat. It is very important not to have any wrinkles in the fabric. This can irritate the skin or cause sores!


Using the sock donner independently:


Video Instructions

Scan the QR code or click on the video link to watch video showing you how to use the amputee sock donner.

Below the Knee Video

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Above the Knee Video