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Sweet-ease® for Infant Pain Relief

Sweet-ease® is an oral liquid made of sugar (sucrose) and water that can be used to decrease pain in infants. 

When can Sweet-ease® be used?

Sweet-ease® may be used if your baby is going to the operating room or having deep sedation in the sedation clinic to complete a painful procedure.

Here is a list of other times Sweet-ease® may be used: 

  • Poking a heel for a lab.

  • Poking a vein for a lab draw.

  • Placing an IV into a vein.

  • Placing a catheter into the bladder. 

  • Giving an immunization.

Who can get Sweet-ease®?

Sweet-ease® is most often given to infants 6 months and younger. 

Who should not get Sweet-ease®?

Sweet-ease® may not be given if your baby cannot have anything to eat or drink. Talk with your baby’s doctor or nurse. 

Sweet-ease® is used for pain. It is not used to calm fussy infants.

How is Sweet-ease® given?

To give Sweet-ease®, dip a pacifier into the Sweet-ease® and have your baby suck on the pacifier. If a pacifier can’t be used, a 1mL syringe can be used to drop a few drops (0.1-0.2mL) on the front part of your baby’s tongue. Giving Sweet-ease® with a pacifier may give better pain control than using Sweet-ease® alone.

As a parent, you can give Sweet-ease® to your baby. Your baby’s nurse can also give it. 

Sweet-ease® works best if given two minutes before the procedure starts. Repeat every 5 minutes during the procedure, but no more than 3 times total in a 2-hour period. After the procedure, any leftover Sweet-ease® is thrown away. 

To find out if Sweet-ease® is a good option for your baby, ask your baby’s doctor or nurse.