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Getting to Know Your Child’s Community Emergency Medical Services (EMS) 

Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

Your local EMS is also part of your child’s care team. Set up a time to meet with your EMS. At this visit, you should tell them where you live and the special needs of your child. Meeting the EMS early will help during those hard times.

What does the EMS need to know?

The EMS needs to know about your child’s equipment. You should explain how it works and any tips. This would also be a good time to see how the equipment fits inside the ambulance. Your EMS may not have seen it before. 

Does EMS need to know medicines?

The EMS may want a list of medicines your child takes and your child’s health care plan. 

When should I call EMS?

If you have any concerns about your child’s health, you should call the pulmonary team. They may want you to call your local EMS and have them bring your child to the emergency room (ER). The pulmonary team will be talking with the local ER to check on your child. If they think that your child needs to come to the American Family Children’s Hospital (AFCH), they will call the Children’s Hospital Emergency Transport Ambulance (CHETA). 

What is CHETA?

CHETA is our critical care ambulance staffed with a respiratory therapist and a nurse. Their focus is taking care of children during transport. CHETA has direct contact with a critical care doctor and a pulmonary doctor during transport. This helps make sure your child gets the care they need. 

Support Options

You may or may not choose treatments based on your beliefs and your child’s quality of life. Please talk about your wishes with EMS, the local ER and CHETA. 


Once you get to AFCH, the pulmonary or critical care team will provide special care to your child. The pulmonary team will keep caring for your child during their stay.