What do I need to know about my orthotics?

You may have side effects from your new orthoses. Wearing your foot orthoses too often is the most common complaint patients have. Your break-in time will normally take 1-3 weeks.

You may have aching in the feet or legs. This is due to tired muscles and the change in your foot position. This is normal and expected.

You may need different footwear for your orthoses. Shoes that tie or have Velcro® straps are best. Clogs, “flip flops”, or many dress sandals will not work. The orthoses will fall out of the shoe. Shoes with removable insoles are helpful. The insoles can be taken out and then replaced.

Take the orthoses out of your shoes at night. This helps them breathe. It will help dry any moisture from the insoles and insides of your shoes.

How do I wear and use orthotics?

Follow the wearing schedule given to you by your doctor. The wearing time includes time when you are both walking and sitting. Limit your wearing time if you have pain in your feet or legs, or any skin redness.

Do not worry if it takes more time to adjust than you expect. Increase your wearing time slowly even if you do not have any problems.

If you have any sharp pains, skin breakdown, blisters or rashes, stop using them right away and call for an appointment. We will adjust as needed.

Call if you have any problems or questions about your orthoses. Report any changes in your health or physical condition that may affect the fit or function of your orthoses. This would include changes in weight, swelling, muscle strength, or recent surgery.

An appointment is needed to make changes or adjustments to your orthoses.

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