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HF 7234

Driving When Using Continuous Inotropic Therapy

If you are using continuous inotropic infusion therapy, you may have driving restrictions. Discuss this with your care team.

Reasons You May Drive

  • They have a working defibrillator in place.

  • They have been on stable inotropic infusion for at least 3 months. The defibrillator check shows no symptoms that can cause altered state.

  • You have no no dizziness, defibrillator shocks, or arrhythmias.

  • A heart failure doctor has decided they are stable.

  • They have a 4-wheel enclosed private vehicle to drive.

Vehicles You Cannot Drive

You cannot drive the vehicles listed below. This is not a complete list. Talk with your heart failure doctor if you have questions.

  • Business vehicles (taxi cabs, semi trucks, buses, etc.)

  • All terrain vehicles

  • Motorcycles

Driving Distance From Home

Talk with your heart failure doctor if you want to drive more than 2 hours away from home. They must give permission.

Changes in Your Condition

  • Changes in your medical condition (including being in the hospital) may mean you cannot drive. A heart failure doctor will decide when you can drive again.

If these guidelines are not followed, we have the right to report the patient to their state’s Department of Transportation.