• Irinotecan – 90-minute IV infusion

  • Leucovorin – 90-120-minute IV infusion (along with Irinotecan) Fluorouracil (5FU) – given 2 ways
    1. As a quick (bolus) IV injection given by a nurse through the IV tubing with a 5FU-filled syringe. This will be followed by step 2.
    2. A 46-hour IV infusion given by a small pump worn in a fanny pack around the waist. Your chemotherapy nurse will arrange your disconnect at the end of the infusion.

How Often
Treatment is given every 14 days.

How to Prepare for Treatment
A PORT is placed for the treatment. This is often done in Interventional Radiology. A nurse will call you before this visit to explain what will happen and answer your questions.

UW Health Care Direct is a home infusion pharmacy that will provide you the 5FU infusion and the pump. A UW Health Care Direct nurse will call you to discuss pump instructions and their service. The 5FU pump will be connected to your port. If your insurance has a contract with a different home health group, UW Health Care Direct will help get this set up.

You will have blood drawn right before the port is placed or within 2 weeks of starting chemo.

We will give you medicine to help treat nausea at your clinic visit before you start the chemo. We will also give you a supply to take home. We may also order you medicine to treat diarrhea.