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HF 6991

Welcome to the Day Treatment Center at American Family Children's Hospital (AFCH)

At AFCH we are located in the Diagnostic and Therapy Center. We provide infusions, transfusions, and chemotherapy. Our services replace the need for a hospital stay and we hope less stressful for your child to receive these treatments

What to Bring

Bring any comfort items that will make your child feel more at ease. A blanket, stuffed animal, or an iPod work well. Toys, books, and games can be found in our playroom for your child’s use while here. You may also bring food and drink items for yourself or your child.

When You Arrive

Consider using our Valet Parking. Just pull up to the AFCH front doors. If you choose to park in the AFCH ramp, bring your parking stub with you to get it stamped.

Check in at the reception desk located in the Diagnostic and Therapy Center.

A nurse will come in to meet you and your child. We will check your child’s vital signs and weight. The nurse will ask about your child’s health and will prep the child for any IVs he/she may receive. A numbing cream may be applied if needed.


Procedures vary greatly. To learn about what to expect, please call the center. Staff can answer any questions you may have. Your child’s comfort level is a concern for us. If you would like, a Child Life therapist can help with teaching and distract your child during their stay.


Snacks and drinks are offered to your child. You may also order a tray from Room Service for yourself for the cost of $8.00. There is also a café that offers healthy choices.


A responsible adult must remain in the building. If you need to leave your child for a short time you must inform the nurse. Have a cell phone or a pager with you at all times. Siblings and friends are allowed to visit with the patient during their stay, if an adult is with them.


There is a playroom in the Center. If children meet the criteria, they will be allowed to use the playroom. If the playroom is not an option, a member of the Child Life staff will help to find ways to play during their stay.


AFCH does have a teacher available to help with schoolwork.


Instructions will be given to you before you leave. We will discuss how to care for child as well as phone numbers to call for questions. Remember to schedule any follow-up visits before you leave.