Contrast pouch study, or barium enema, allows us to see how well your new internal pouch is working. Contrast flows into the new pouch. Pictures are taken to see if the pouch is healed. If healed, your next surgery can be scheduled. 

Allow about an hour for the exam. You are not asleep for this test so you may drive after.

Your doctor will schedule this exam. We will call 2 days before the test to give you the details. If you do not hear from us 2 working days before your exam, please call (608) 263-9729.


Check in Time________________

Getting Ready

There is no bowel prep if you have an ostomy. Eat and drink less before, so there is no worry the ostomy bag will come off during the test. Bring supplies for an ostomy appliance change in case it leaks.

The Exam

A soft catheter is gently put into your anal canal and contrast will flow into your new pouch. As the pouch fills with contrast it may leak into your ostomy bag. The lights will be dim so the doctor can see the contrast filling your bowel on the monitor. Images will be obtained during the exam. 

We may ask you to turn from side to side so we can take more pictures. You will be asked to expel the contrast in the bathroom. We will take another X-ray to make sure the pouch works well.

After the Test

You can eat and drink after the test.

Contrast may leak from your pouch. You may want to wear a pad in your underwear for the drive home. The leakage of contrast may last a few days.

Your doctor will call you with the test results or follow up at your clinic visit.

Who to Call 

GI X-Ray: 608-263-9729 

Toll Free: 1- 800-323-8942