What is a Flexhaler?

A Twisthaler® or Flexhaler® is a device that holds medicine that you inhale. It enters through your airway and goes into your lungs. The medicine comes in a dry powder form.

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How do I use a Twisthaler® or Flexhaler®?

  1. Turn the cover and lift off with the inhaler upright.

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  2. Prime the inhaler for the very first time it is used. To prime, twist the bottom grip fully to the right, then fully back again to the left until it clicks. Repeat.

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  3. To load the dose, twist the bottom grip fully to the right and fully to the left until it clicks. Do not shake the inhaler after you load it.

  4. Breathe or blow out air to empty your airways. Never blow into the Twisthaler® or Flexhaler® mouthpiece.

  5. Place the mouthpiece gently between your teeth. Close your lips and breathe in deeply through your mouth. Do not cover the ventilation holes while you inhale.

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  6. Hold your breath for about 10 seconds.

  7. Before you breathe out, take the inhaler out of your mouth, and wipe the mouthpiece dry.

  8. If you need another dose, repeat steps 3-7.

  9. Replace the cover and twist shut.

  10. Rinse your mouth with water and spit or brush your teeth if instructed.

How do I store the Twisthaler® or Flexhaler®?

Store in a cool, dry place. Do not wash the inhaler or get it wet. How do I know how many doses are left in the Twisthaler® or Flexhaler®?

There is a window under the mouthpiece that shows how many doses are left. When a red mark first appears in the Twisthaler® or Flexhaler® device window, it is ready to be refilled. When there is a “0” noted in the window, the inhaler is empty.