Test date: ______________________

Test time: ______________________

Your doctor has asked that you be tested for the sugar circled below:

  • Lactose

  • Sucrose

  • Fructose

  • Glucose

  • Lactulose

A breath hydrogen test will help your doctor decide if your body is able to absorb the sugar circled above.

Only one sugar can be tested at a time. If you are doing this test for more than one sugar you must have at least 48 hours between each test.

If you are not able to follow these guidelines for testing, you may not be right for a breath test. Your doctor can help you decide if another test is better for you.

The Test

  • You will give us a baseline breath sample by blowing into a collection bag.

  • The sugar you are being tested for is dissolved in 8 ounces of water.

  • You will drink it.

  • A breath sample is collected at the start of the test and then every 20 to 30 minutes during the test.

  • The breath sample is put into a machine and analyzed for hydrogen.

If your body is unable to absorb the sugar you are being tested for, hydrogen is produced and an increase of it will be found in your breath.

The test will last 2-3 hours. Bring something to read or do between sample collection times.

Getting Ready

2 Weeks Before the Test

  • No antibiotics. Schedule your breath test at least 2 weeks after your last dose of antibiotic.

  • Wait at least 2 weeks before, if you have had runny diarrhea, enemas, colonoscopies, or barium studies.

Day Before the Test

Limit your diet. Avoid foods that may produce gas in the intestinal tract. They could cause inaccurate test results.

Foods to Eat

  • Baked or broiled chicken, fish or turkey (salt and pepper only)

  • Plain steamed white rice

  • Eggs

  • Clear chicken or beef broth

  • White bread

  • Plain water, coffee, tea (no sugar/artificial sweeteners or cream added)

Foods to Avoid

  • Pasta, whole grain products, bran, high fiber cereals

  • Fruit juices, applesauce, apricots, canned fruit cocktail, grapes, raw and dried fruit like raisins and berries

  • Vegetable juices, potatoes, sprouts, green/red peppers, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, corn, kale, lentils

  • All nuts, seeds, and beans

  • Milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, butter

Do not chew any gum containing mannitol or sorbitol 12 hours before your test.

Do not eat or drink anything other than water after 8:00pm.

If you eat or drink after 8:00pm, the test must be rescheduled.

1 Hour Before Your Test

  • No smoking, including secondhand smoke

  • No sleeping

  • No vigorous exercise

Who to Call

If you have questions about this test or need to reschedule, please call:

Pulmonary Function Lab
(608) 263-7000
Monday – Friday (8:00am – 4:30pm)

If you are a patient receiving care at UnityPoint – Meriter, Swedish American or a health system outside of UW Health, please use the phone numbers provided in your discharge instructions for any questions or concerns.