Your wound should stay moist and covered for proper healing. Exposed cartilage or bone will become dry and brittle if not kept moist and covered.  

Supplies You Will Need to Buy

  • Clean cotton swabs

  • Tube of white petrolatum (Vaseline®)

  • Band-Aids® or telfa pads

  • Tape

Wound Care

  • Keep the dressing in place for the first 3 days.

  • After the first 3 days, rinse the wound with water once a week or as directed by your provider. Apply Vaseline®, then bandage.

  • All other days, remove the dressing, apply Vaseline® (a thick layer) and a new dressing.

  • When showering, cover the ear with a sandwich baggie to protect the wound from water.

  • A clinic visit will be scheduled to check healing in one to two weeks. Further wound care will be explained at that time.

Note: Gelfoam® may have been put in your wound to stop bleeding. Gelfoam® acts like a sponge and can look like an opaque film on the wound base. This is normal. Do not force it out of the wound. 

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If you are a patient receiving care at UnityPoint – Meriter, Swedish American or a health system outside of UW Health, please use the phone numbers provided in your discharge instructions for any questions or concerns.