HF 6326

Taking Your Child Home After General Anesthesia

You must have someone (age 16 or older) stay with your child for the rest of today and tonight. This is for your child’s safety and protection.

Your child may feel a little sleepy for the next 12 to 24 hours. This is partly due to the medicines received during and after surgery. Your child should rest and relax for the next 12 hours. Avoid strenuous activity.

Your child may have a mild to moderate sore throat for the next 24 hours. Call if the sore throat is severe or doesn’t go away.

Food and Liquids

Start slowly and offer your child clear liquids such as water, apple juice, and soda. When your child feels ready, it is ok to try soup, soda crackers, and other foods that are easy to digest. Avoid spicy or fatty foods. Your child can have their normal diet when they are ready. Give your child several glasses of clear liquids to prevent dehydration.

The staff at the American Family Children’s Hospital Surgical Services will try to call you at home or work within the next few days. We will ask a few questions about your child’s recovery and the care your child received. Let us know if this call may be a problem.

When to Call

Call if your child has:

  • Trouble breathing or a wet sounding cough that persists.

  • Frequent vomiting after getting settled at home (more than twice).

  • Trouble urinating by late tonight (or has a painful, full bladder).

Who to Call

Your child’s anesthesiologist was
Dr. ________________________________.

Your child’s surgeon was Dr._________________________________from the _______________________ clinic.

The clinic phone number is:
(608) ____________________________.

Call if you have questions or concerns. If you are calling after hours, your call will be forwarded to the paging operator. The operator will have the doctor call you back.

Toll-free 1-800-323-8942 (24 hr.)

In an emergency, call 911!