Urethrolysis removes scar tissue or can undo a bladder surgery that causes a blockage. It is almost always done through the vagina. In rare cases it is done through the abdomen. 

After Surgery

  • You may stay one night in the hospital or you may be able to go home the same day. 

  • It is normal to feel some pain at the site for 1–3 weeks. Take your pain medicine as instructed. 

  • You will most likely have some drainage from the vagina.

Activity Guidelines

  • Do not lift more than 10 pounds for 4 weeks. 

  • Do not drive for 1 week or while taking narcotic pain pills.

  • You can resume sex after 1 month.

  • You may shower after 2 days.

  • Your return to work depends on your recovery and the type of work you do. Ask your doctor when you can return to work.

Follow Up 

You will have a follow up visit in the Urology Clinic in 1–2 weeks.

When to Call 

  • Pus-like drainage 

  • Fever over 100.4 ° F, for 2 readings taken by mouth, 4 hours apart

  • Trouble urinating

  • Bloody urine

  • Foul smelling drainage from vagina

  • Pain not controlled by your pain pills

Who to Call

Urology Clinic: 608-263-4757. This is a 24-hour number. Your urology doctor is: ________________.

Nights, weekends, holidays: Ask for the urology doctor on call. Leave your name and phone number with the area code. The doctor will call you back.

If you live out of the area, please call. 

1-800-323-8942. Ask for the urology clinic or paging.