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Do not use this prep if you have kidney or heart failure. Please call us if you have these health problems.

A few days before your prep, you will need to buy: (Circle number needed)
1 or 2 bottles magnesium citrate/10oz. each.

Day Before Surgery

Eat a light breakfast and lunch. Avoid greasy foods and red meat. Drink only clear liquids after lunch.

Clear liquids include:

  • Water, sparkling water, or soda

  • Broth

  • Juice without pulp (apple, grape)

  • Popsicles

  • Gatorade G3 Recover®/silver label
    Bottle only (+protein)

  • Clear Jell-O (no fruit, etc. in it)
    No Jell-O cups

  • Coffee or tea, no creamer

  • Gatorade

  • Crystal Light

After lunch, do not eat food. Do not drink juice with pulp, dairy products, or alcohol.

____2:00 pm: Drink 1 bottle magnesium
citrate, 10 oz. It is best to drink it chilled.
You may have loose stools and some
cramping. It can take from 30 minutes to 8
hours to work. You may have many bowel
movements for several hours after drinking

____3:00 pm: Drink a second bottle of
magnesium citrate, 10 oz. You may have
many bowel movements for several hours
after drinking it.

____Shower before bed with Hibiclens®

Day of Surgery

____Shower before leaving home with

Do not drink the last 4 hours before surgery.

Who to Call

Surgery Clinic
(608) 263-7502.
This is a 24-hour number. After hours,
holidays and weekends ask for the doctor on
call for:
Dr. ______________________________.
Leave your name and phone number with
the area code. We will call you back.

Toll Free: 800-323-8942