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What is Neuropsychological Testing? 

Your doctor has ordered this test for you. It is a study of how your brain works and helps to decide on the cause of your symptoms and plan the best treatment for you. 

People have this test for many reasons. Sometimes people have had a head injury or a medical finding that affects how their brain works. Other times, people begin to have problems they hadn’t noticed before and are concerned about why they are having them. 

You will be given many different tests. Some of the tests use a paper and pencil. Other tests use the computer or by talking with the person you work with. The tests measure your memory, attention, how you process info, speech/language, problem solving, and ways of coping with stress. The tests can become hard, which may make you feel uneasy. The person working with you will be there to assure you and plan for breaks. 

After the testing, the Neuropsychologist will create a report that will go to your doctor. This can take about 1-2 weeks, so be sure to make a follow-up visit within 2 weeks. Your referring doctor will be able to go over the test results with you and you will learn more about why you are having troubles with your brain. You may then be referred to another expert such as a speech therapist, occupational therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Your doctor may also request you have special room or space at school or work. 

For more information, visit the UW Health website at or call us at (608) 263-5430 or toll free 800-323-8942.