Iodosorb® absorbs wound drainage and decreases the bacteria in the wound. 

Iodosorb® comes as a gel or pad (Iodoflex®).

Wound Care Instructions

  • Wash wound with soap and water.

  • Rinse well.

  • Pat dry.

  • Apply 1/8” Iodosorb® gel or Iodoflex® pad onto the wound bed.

  • Cover the wound with dry gauze.

Change the dressing and gel or pad every 3 days or when the gel turns from brownish/orange to yellow/gray.

Signs and Symptoms of Infection 

Please call the Burn and Wound Clinic if you have any of these signs or symptoms:

  • Increased redness (over 1 inch in width) and swelling.

  • Foul smelling drainage or pus from the skin graft.

  • Flu-like symptoms (fever, chills, nausea or vomiting, muscle aches).

  • Increased pain.

Who to Call

For questions Monday – Friday 8 AM –        5 PM please call the General Surgery and Burn Clinic at (608)264-8040.

If you have urgent questions or needs after hours or on weekends, call the Burn Unit Nurses at (608) 263-1490 or call 

(608) 262-2122 and ask to have the Burn resident paged.

If you have non urgent questions or needs after hours or on weekends, please leave a message for the General Surgery triage nurse at (608) 264-8040.

If you live out of the area, call 


If you are a patient receiving care at UnityPoint – Meriter, Swedish American or a health system outside of UW Health, please use the phone numbers provided in your discharge instructions for any questions or concerns.