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Home Care After Cervical Discography

You have received a discography to evaluate your cervical disc at level:______________.

What to Expect
You can expect to have:

  • A sore neck in the front

  • Pain when you swallow

  • A stiff neck

  • Your chest will be tender on the right side

  • Your voice will be weak, or you might not be able to speak for a short time

These symptoms should go away within the first week. Keep taking all your medicines as ordered.

Activity Guidelines
If your neck pain is the same or better, you can return to your normal activities.

If your neck feels worse, you should:

  • Rest your neck for the next several days.

  • Avoid prolonged sitting without support for your neck.

  • Use an ice pack for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off on the area that hurts.

You will be given a pain log to complete for the next 14 days. Complete the log and mail it back to us. This information helps us decide the next step in your treatment plan.

Signs of Infection

  • Fever greater than 100.4º F by mouth for 2 readings, taken 4 hours apart

  • Increased redness, swelling around the site

  • Any drainage from the site

When to Call
The day of the procedure, if you have any problems or concerns, call Madison Surgery Center.

For new symptoms or signs of infection call your doctor listed on the After-Visit Summary.

To discuss the next steps in your plan of care, contact the provider that ordered your procedure.

Who to Call
Madison Surgery Center (6 am-5 pm)

After hours, please contact the ordering provider’s clinic or the provider’s clinic that performed the procedure. Tell the receptionist you had a procedure that day and need to see your doctor.

For emergencies please visit your closest emergency room.