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TransUrethral Resection of Bladder Tumor (TURBT)

What is transurethral resection of bladder tumor (TURBT)?
TURBT is a surgery to remove tumors from the inside surface of the bladder. It is also used to biopsy tumors.

We pass a probe into the bladder with a cystoscope. We then take tumors out with the probe and sent to the lab for testing. You should have the results in 7 working days. The clinic staff will talk with you about the results.

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After Surgery
You will have a Foley catheter in your bladder to drain urine. Your urine may be bloody and there may be clots in it. You may need continuous bladder irrigation (CBI) to clear your urine. With CBI, a special catheter is used to flush the bladder nonstop. Your urine and the CBI fluid empty into a drainage bag. If you cannot pass urine after it is removed, you may go home with a catheter.

Bloody urine should clear up 2-4 days after you are home. Do not be worried if you notice a return of blood in your urine 1-3 weeks after it has cleared. This happens when the scabs fall off the bladder wall. You may see blood on and off in your urine for 4-6 weeks after the procedure. You may also have some irritation and burning when you urinate.

What to Do

  • Drink plenty of fluids, 10-12 (8-oz.) glasses per day.

  • Take your pain medicine, when needed. Take the lowest dose for the shortest time.

  • Get plenty of rest.

  • Do not let your bladder get too full. Urinate more often to decrease pressure in your bladder.

  • Avoid straining and constipation. Increased pressure can cause more bleeding. Prevent constipation by drinking fluids and eating more fruit. and vegetables. You may also use stool softeners or a mild laxative.

Return to your normal routine in 1-2 weeks.

Week One

  • Do not lift anything over 5-10 lbs.

  • No hard activities (i.e. aerobics, jogging, swimming)

  • Limit stair climbing to 1-2 times per day

  • No sex

  • Do not drive until your pain is under control. No narcotics for 24 hours or more.

Week Two

  • Slowly increase your activity. Rest when you get tired. Do not overdo it.

  • You may resume sex after the second week.

  • You may drive if you are not taking narcotics for pain.

You can return to work in 1-2 weeks or sooner if you have no problems.

When to Call

  • You cannot pass urine

  • Urine is so bloody you cannot see through it

  • There are clots in your urine

  • Increased pain in your belly

  • A fever over 100.5 F (by mouth)
    taken 2 times, 4 hours apart

  • Severe burning, pain, with urination

Who to Call
UW Health- Urology

East Madison Hospital- Urology

1 S. Park Medical Center- Urology

After hours, nights, weekends, and holidays, the clinic number is answered by the paging operator. Ask for the urology doctor on call. Leave your name and phone number with the area code. The doctor will call you back.
Toll-Free: 1-844-607-4800
Your urology doctor is: