What is a prostate seed implant (PSI)?

A prostate seed implant is a type of treatment for prostate cancer. It uses radiation “seeds.” They are put into the prostate gland by your radiation doctor. They remain in place for good. The seeds spread cancer-killing radiation to a small area over time. Large parts of the bladder and rectum are avoided. Patients who have a PSI must follow radiation safety directions. 

Is a PSI right for me?

Your doctor will figure out if a PSI is right for you. Many issues are involved. They will talk to you about them. If the doctor thinks this is right for you, and you want to go ahead, we will begin the PSI process.

The PSI Process

The PSI is a 3-phase process. This process takes place over a few weeks. 

The first phase is called the “work-up.” In this phase, many issues are looked at to make sure a PSI is right for you. It may show that a PSI is not right for you. If this is the case, the doctor will talk to you about other treatment options. 

The second phase of the process has tasks that you must complete before the procedure. 

The third phase of the process tells what happens after the PSI is done. 

When to Call

Call with any questions or concerns.

Who to Call

Radiation Oncology Clinic- (608) 263-8500

If you live outside of the area, call 1-800-323-8942. If the clinic is closed, you will be transferred to an answering service. Ask to speak to the radiation doctor on call. The doctor will call you back.