HF 5075

Uroflow Test and Post Void Residual

Please arrive at the Urology Clinic with a full bladder and a strong urge to urinate (void).

Do not void for a few hours before you arrive if you can. You may want to drink extra fluids before the test.

Uroflow Test

This test is used to assess voiding problems. This test is quick and there are no catheters or needles used.

You will start the test by voiding into a special toilet that records the strength of your stream, the time it takes you to void, and the amount of urine you pass. Avoid stopping your urine stream/flow to give a urine sample during the test, unless instructed to do so.

Post Void Residual (PVR) Bladder Scan

This test is done after you have voided. The purpose of this test is to find out if you are emptying all the urine out of your bladder.

You will lie down on the exam table with your lower stomach uncovered. Ultrasound gel will be put on your stomach over your bladder. A wand will be placed on the gel and moved gently over your bladder to check for urine. This test takes about five minutes.