A healthy meal has at least 3 of the 5 food groups. It will include a whole grain, lean protein or dairy, and fruit or vegetable. The list below includes options that will serve up a well-balanced and filling meal.

  • Italian tortellini: Cooked tortellini, mozzarella cheese, cucumber, spinach leaves and cherry tomatoes. Serve with a pesto dipping sauce.

  • Wrap it up: Turkey and cheese wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. Serve with carrots.

  • Hawaiian pita: Lean ham with green pepper and pineapple chunks served in a pita.

  • Chef salad: Lean ham and turkey with cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and olives. Serve with whole wheat crackers.

  • Breakfast for lunch: Hardboiled egg with Canadian bacon and whole grain bagel. Serve with applesauce.

  • Taco fresco: Chopped chicken breast with peppers, avocado and tomato. Serve with whole grain tortilla chips.

  • Tea time: Light cheese spread with sliced cucumber and dill on whole grain bread.

  • Vegetarian: Hummus with cucumber, grated carrot and lettuce in a pita.

  • PB&B: Peanut butter with sliced banana on whole grain bread.

  • Pizza: Light mozzarella cheese with tomato sauce and baby spinach in a whole grain wrap.

  • Deli meat roll up: Lean roast beef, ham, or turkey wrapped around spinach and cheese. Serve with grapes.

  • Rainbow veggie spring rolls: Avocado, sliced red pepper, sprouts, shredded carrot, and edamame rolled in rice paper. Serve with a peanut dipping sauce.

  • From the sea: Tuna salad made with low fat mayo, slice grapes, and celery. Serve with whole grain crackers.

  • Dairy day: Low fat cottage cheese with whole grain crackers and sliced peaches.

  • Bean burrito: Spread mashed black beans on a whole grain tortilla. Top with guacamole, salsa, and low-fat cheese.

Many kids also like to include extra food in their lunch boxes to have at snack time and/or to enjoy on the side. Try some of these ideas.

  • Sliced apples or pears sprinkled with cinnamon

  • Boiled edamame

  • Greek yogurt

  • Fig newtons

  • Sliced mango

  • Jicama sticks

  • Broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots with low fat ranch

  • Baby rainbow peppers with hummus

  • Nut butter pouch

  • Fruit and veggie sauce pouch

Who to Call

If you are a UW Health patient and have more questions, please contact UW Health at one of the phone numbers listed below. You can also visit our website at https://www.uwhealth.org/nutrition

Nutrition clinics for UW Hospital and Clinics (UWHC) and American Family Children’s Hospital (AFCH) can be reached: (608) 890-5500.

Nutrition clinics for UW Medical Foundation (UWMF) can be reached at: (608) 287-2770.

If you are a patient receiving care at UnityPoint – Meriter, Swedish American or a health system outside of UW Health, please use the phone numbers provided in your discharge instructions for any questions or concerns.