HF 4798

A1C Test and the Estimated Average Glucose (eAG)

The A1C or hemoglobin A1C measures the average amount of glucose (sugar) on your red blood cells during the past 2-3 months. Any decrease in A1C lowers your risk of long-term problems from diabetes. The chart below shows how your A1C value relates to estimated Average Glucose (eAG).

A1C Table

How Often to Test

The A1C test does not require fasting. It is done as often as every 3 months since this is the lifespan of a red blood cell. People with diabetes get their A1C checked every 3-6 months or yearly. Your insurance or Medicare may have specific rules for how often the testing can be done.

My A1C

Keep a record of your results. The goal is to keep A1C levels as close to normal as possible without low blood sugars. If you are not meeting your goal, talk with your team about making changes with your meal plan, activity, or medicines.