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Semen Sample for Generations Fertility Care Clinic

Semen is the fluid that comes out of the penis during sexual activity. This fluid contains sperm. A semen sample may be studied in the lab for many reasons. The results depend on how you collect and handle the sample as well as other factors.

Please call (608) 824-6160 to schedule your clinic visit at our Generations Fertility Care Clinic if you want to have a semen sample studied in our lab. Generations is jointly owned and operated by Meriter and UW Health. It is located at 2365 Deming Way, Middleton, WI 53562.

Best Way to Collect a Semen Sample

  • Semen should be collected by masturbation after 3 days of abstinence (no ejaculation).

  • The entire semen sample is put into a sterile cup given to you by Generations.

  • Use only the sterile container supplied by our clinic.

Before the Semen Collection

You must be a registered patient at Generations in order to have semen studied in our lab. If you are not a registered patient, call (608) 824-6160. Our receptionist will help you. Do this at least one day before your visit.

If your doctor is not from Generations, your doctor’s office staff will need to fax a completed Semen Specimen Test Request form to (608) 827-3040. Referring doctors can get instructions and a copy of the request form by calling (608) 824-6160.

To Collect the Sample in Our Clinic

  • Check in at the front desk. You will be shown where to collect your

  • There are magazines and videos in the room for you to use. You may bring your own materials. Your partner may also go with you into the room.

  • Wash your hands well.

  • Masturbate.

  • Collect the entire amount into the cup. Do not use condoms or gel.

  • Put the label you were given onto the cup. Attach the label to the body of the cup and not the lid.

  • Place the cup in the lab window which is next to the collection room. Ring the bell. Our lab staff will take the sample from you.

Home collection samples should be dropped off within one hour but can wait up to two.

To Collect the Sample at Home

  • Get a sterile cup from our clinic. Any other kind of cup may result in an abnormal result.

  • Put the label you were given onto the cup.

  • Wash your hands well.

  • Masturbate.

  • Collect the entire amount into the cup. Do not use condoms or gel.

  • The semen should be a direct sample from the penis.

  • Keep the cup warm by putting it under your shirt next to your skin. Avoid extreme cold or heat.

  • Bring the sample to our Generations reception desk. You must bring in your own sample and have ID.

Who to Call

The Generations Clinic

Monday-Friday,7:00 am - 4:30 pm

608-824-6160 or 1-888-474-3933