This handout will tell you how to care for your skin after a cast removal.

Skin Care

Once your cast is removed, soak your skin in warm water for 20 minutes twice a day. Gently rub dry with a terry towel. When drying your skin, be careful not to damage the new skin.
If you have been in a cast for more than 3 weeks, “dead” skin can build up under the cast. Your skin may be dry with rough, scaly patches. The new skin under may be quite tender.

Gently wash your skin with mild soap and warm water for the next few days. Do not rub the skin roughly.

Do not shave the area for at least three days.

Use a gentle or alcohol-free and perfume-free body lotion to moisten to the skin.

It is normal for your joints and muscles to be weak and sore from not using them. Your doctor may prescribe an exercise program to help you regain your strength and mobility.

Over time, the skin will return to normal.