Pediatric diabetes

Resources for your well being

From physical health to mental health, there are resources available to help patients with diabetes and their families.

Nutrition resources

Many websites offer food tracking and recipe analysis tools. These are great tools if you would like to know the carbohydrate and nutrition facts for common foods, meals or favorite recipes. These same sites may also have free recipes to try, or to compare to your favorites.

All of the following tools are free, except Calorie King, which requires a subscription.

My Food Advisor from the American Diabetes Association: Your Food Advisor can help you set specific goals for calories, carbohydrates and other nutrients, as well as track what you eat with great detail. The site also offers Create A Dish, which can help you calculate the nutrition content of favorite recipes. The recipe information includes carbohydrate grams per serving. Learn more at Offers free food, fitness and recipe tools you can use to see how your daily meal choices compare to food group targets and daily limits. Learn more about Has a free food search, meal tracking and recipe analysis functions. Visit

The American Heart Association: Offers recipes that include nutrient content in their Nutrition Center. Has a free food search function, but requires a subscription to use their Food Diary, goal setter, activity planner and charts and graphs. Visit

Additional internet resources

Healthy snacking

Skip the chips and choose a healthy snack when it's between meals or you're on the go. Find healthy snack ideas

Mental health resources

Mental health issues can show up in different ways. While every person is different things like problems at school or with peers, anxiety, withdrawal, apathy or even "acting out" may be signs. Parents and guardians know their children very well and anything that seems "off" or out of the norm is something to pay attention to. The important thing to remember is you're not alone.

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