Spine care

Preparing for your spine surgery

The Spine Surgery care team has produced the following video to:

  • Help new patients learn more about spine surgery

  • Help patients prepare for surgery

  • Explain what to expect when recovering from spine surgery


Watch all sections of the video below. You may review the sections in any sequence. However, the order in which the sections appear is recommended.

After you have watched all of the video segments, contact us if you are a new patient interested in requesting a consult for spine surgery.

Learn what to expect about your spine surgery at UW Health.
Learn what to expect and how to prepare before and after your spine surgery.
If you need to go to a skilled nursing facility after your procedure, learn what you need to do before your surgery to prepare.
Surgery can have an impact mentally and physically. Learn what's normal and what to expect as you prepare for and recover from your surgery.