Breast Center

Preparing for your Breast Center appointment

The UW Health Breast Center provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to breast care. Here's what you can do to prepare for your Breast Center appointment.

Gathering records

  • If you have received a recent diagnosis from a health care provider outside of UW Health, we will need to gather records from the providers you have seen. This includes notes from clinic visits and procedures, any imaging exams, and pathology reports.

  • Staff at the UW Health Breast Center will need information regarding where you have received breast health care in the last five years. They will contact these providers and request your records be sent directly to the UW Health Breast Center.

  • Some providers will require that we submit an authorization signed by the patient before they will send us your records. To minimize the chance of delays in your care, help us to obtain your records by printing the Authorization for Release of Medical Records (pdf), completing the release for each provider from which you have received breast health services, and faxing the signed form to us at (608) 265-1836. If you have questions about completing the authorization, you may call our file room at (608) 262-1127.

Evaluating records in preparation for your visit

Once we have received your records we will have our breast specialized physicians in radiology and pathology read any recent breast imaging or pathology you have had performed. These over reads are most often covered by insurance. However, we advise you to check with your insurance to understand what portion of the bill you may be responsible for.

Depending on the results of this review, our providers may recommend additional workup, such as additional imaging or biopsy. If this is recommended for you, our staff will contact you to arrange the additional appointments.

Travel and accommodations

Please contact our Guest Services department for assistance with lodging or transportation at (608) 263-8591. Maps and driving directions are available on our website.

Billing and insurance

Please check with your insurance to understand if services provided to you by UW Health will be covered prior to your visit and what your financial responsibility will be. If you have questions about UW Health billing, please call our patient business services department at (608) 262-2221.

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