Pediatric fitness

Physical activity for kids

Moderate activity (250-420 calories per hour)

  • Walking (2 miles per hour or faster)

  • Biking (easy pace)

  • Dancing

  • Golf (carrying clubs)

  • Vacuuming/cleaning the house

  • Mowing (power mower)

  • Volleyball

  • Raking leaves

Vigorous activity (420+ calories per hour)

  • Walking uphill fast

  • Jogging

  • Jump rope

  • Digging and hauling

  • Soccer

  • Stair walking (15 minutes)

  • Biking (10 mph+)

  • Mowing (hand mower)

Easy ways to add steps

  • Get off the bus a stop or two before your usual stop and walk the rest of the way

  • Walk back and forth while you wait for the bus

  • When making a phone call, pace as you talk

  • If you can, walk or bike to a destination instead of taking a car

  • Walk over to a friend's house

  • During TV commercials, get up and move around the house

  • Do an outdoor scavenger hunt (pdf)

Stuck inside because the weather is bad?

  • Set up an indoor scavenger hunt

  • Hit a balled-up sock, or balloon, around and try not to let it hit the floor

  • Basketball hoops with over the door hooks work well

  • Play Twister

When it's just you

  • Practice hopscotch

  • Invent dance moves

  • Do jumping jacks

  • Use an exercise video

  • See how many sit-ups you can do

Don't like sports?

  • Fitness for Kids Who Don't Like Sports

  • Try activities like cycling, martial arts or hiking. You might become hooked.

  • Pick chores or work that involves physical activity.

  • Don’t like team sports? How about a paper delivery route that needs to be walked?

  • Plan family outings that are active, such as canoeing or inline skating